What could be more exciting than playing free games that too on PS 5 ? Yes, you have read it right, here is the list of best free games to play on PS 5.

• 10 Fortnite.
• 9 Apex Legends.
• 8 Smite
• 7 Spellbreak.
• 6 Genshin Impact.
• 5 Paladins.
• 4 Warframe.
• 3 Destiny 2.
• 2 Rocket League
• 1 Call of Duty

10. Fortnite

It is not just a game now, Fortnite has become a big brand and one of the most famous multiplayer games. Adding more to it, it is available for free for PS5, specifically if you are a Battle Royal fan.
In case, you are planning to play FORTNITE, you must make a note that modern players’ bases and the learning curve are darn it of a steep slope. Not just shooting, you can also edit & build moving parts of the game.


Luckily, the introduction of FORTNITE is very gentle due to the presence of SBMM and creativity helps in practice building and editing at your convenience.

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9. Apex Legends

Apex Legends was a big hit breaking streaming and record playback continuously. It is way more focused on fighting. This does not have any building component in it.
It is more of a first-person game, which is highly preferable in gameplay. This is a game that has a variety of characters to cater to play styles.3
It’s a unique game but does not have a single completely cornered mechanic by another combat royals in past 2 years. Titanfall fans can play Apex faster than ping Mozambique to add personality and folklore to their BR game.

8. Smite

If you are looking for the most addictive games to play, Smite is the right choice for multiplayer online battles.
It is available on PS5 for free download since its launch. In this game, players have control over gods or goddesses in 3rd person. To win in the player versus player mode, players need to work together as it is a team-based battle and has unique capabilities.
It has outperformed Esports and is in the category of the best games to be played on play station 5.

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7. Spellbreak

Spellbreak is an action spell-casting multiplayer game. Players can unleash their inner image by strong coordination with their teammates. Discovering new lands in 1st chapter. Role-playing plays an important role in this game, and it is considered royale combat. This game plays huge respect and honor to retro games but has much more in it, in order to make the difference clear and understandable.

6. Genshin Impact

It is an action game featuring an open-world environment with an action-based combat system allowing switching of character. Players can obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources using game monetization. Genshin Impact is a multiplayer game for up to 4 players. It is a story-based game that is available for free download for PS 5. The game got a very positive reception even critics appreciating the battle, content, and monetization.

5. Paladins

Paladins is a first-person shooter game, team-based with 5 players in each group, where both the teams fight for battle goals. Players are allowed to choose a champion which is permitted to be used only once in the same team and match. Every champion has its own style of fighting, different weapons, and fighting skills. What adds more is personalized card and skin.

There are various modes in this game:

Seige: Teams have to catch the map’s central capture point and push a payload to destroy the enemy base. Every winning push scores one point. Stopping opponents from pushing payload is also a point gain.
Onslaught: Players fight for their team in a huge battle area for taking point control and earning more and more points.
Team Deathmatch: Players need to score kills by fighting the opponent team, the first team to score 40 kills simply wins.
Ranked: This is much similar to Seige, Both the teams can see the champions chosen by the opponent team. Both teams can choose any 2 champions, which will not be available for the opponent team for that match.

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4. Warframe

Warframe is amongst the most loved games because of its plenty of content.
Players have to complete multiple quests and upgrade their armor set in order to survive. The player can also customize their spaceships, trade, or barter with other players.
This game is based on controlling the members of a race of ancient warriors called Tenno, who have woke up from ages far into Earth’s future to explore themselves at war in the planetary system.
It is a multiplayer game with multi-levels but this is not just player versus player but also a player versus environment game. Allows in-game item purchases using real money and earns by grinding.

3. Destiny 2

This is a PVP game, available for free to play on PS5. In Destiny 2, Players have to consider themselves as the Saviours of Earth’s last safe city using their elemental powers like solar, arc stasis, and void.
The aim is to protect humanity from dangerous aliens who keep their eyes on conquering earth. Different expansions are there in the game, including various passes, for each season’s content for free play.
What’s more exciting is plundering in various places, planets, and raids. The interest remains more when a player is in gunplay. Once you play it, addiction’s meaning will be self-explanatory.

2. Rocket League

Rocket League is a soccer game with a vehicle, it has up to 8 players divided into 2 teams. Players of each team have rocket-powered vehicles to hit the ball into a rival’s goal and score points. Both single-player and multiplayer modes are available to play online and offline. It is basically a sequel to Psyonix and one of the most played games. We can also say that it is a mixture of racing, soccer, hockey, and basketball.
It is highly appreciated for its battle car improvements and graphics. This is a uniques game as it offers a lot to do with cars.

1. Call of Duty

On the top of the table, if a name persists, that is just CALL OF DUTY is a 1st person shooter game.
It is one of the most-streamed games.
The series followed New call of duty, Warzone. Black Ops, Cold War. Mainly focus of the series is games set in World War II. It is available for free to play on PS5.
Players have an in-game currency called Cash, which helps them in buying in-game perks and items. It is highly praised for its map designs and different modes.
Also, it is a single, double, or multi-player game that just keeps on enhancing the excitement with each progressing play.

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