Extraction part 2, a Netflix sequel, the details we know so far

Extraction is an American action thriller film that stars the renowned Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth which was released on Netflix. The story of this amazing movie is based on a graphic novel Ciudad. If we talk about the cast, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Randeep Hooda, Golshiftech Farahani, Pankaj Tripathi, and David Harbour have played an outstanding role. The film follows a black ops mercenary who rescues an Indian drug man kidnapped son in Dhaka.

The film was released in April 2020 on Netflix and received huge admiration. While the critics gave mixed reviews but praised the action sequences and the performances. The plot and the extensive violence was not liked by them. The film was the most-watched film in Netflix history.

One day after school, the son of the Indian drug man goes into a club from where he is kidnapped by the policemen working for a rival drug man. The drug man orders the Para (SF) operator, to get back his son threatening operator family.

Release Date Of Part 2 Extraction 

The makers have confirmed that Extraction part 2 is coming up for sure after the huge success of the film. The story is still in the formative stage. A discussion of the various storylines has been going on is what is shared by the director, both in forwarding and backward times. The ending of the first part leaves on a major question that could easily be answered in part 2.

The film ends on an ambitious note. It leaves the viewers unclear about the fact of whether or not Tyler survived. During the final battle, he is shown as wounded. He fell in the river, and it seems there is no way back for him. 8 months later we see someone watching the film and the film ends without any confirmation over who it is. Audiences keep wondering is it Tyler.

The creator also mentioned that the sequel could be either a controversial or more of a prequel. The big loose ending has to be resolved.


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