There has been news of ‘Hacking websites to give excellent SEO before deploying malware,’ and this is concerning that various cyber – attackers are trying to utilize some new techniques to deploy malware to even more victims.

Malware includes computer viruses, Trojan horses, spyware etc., that perform un-needed illegal functions by deleting your computer data without your permission, encryption of sensitive data, stealing etc. The malicious infections can be discovered in a device while downloading software applications online, along which these malicious infections come as a bundle.

Various Methods and Tricks For SEO:

Now, to give a website a good ranking, which is to improve the SEO of the website, various methods and tricks are used to do that. This search engine de – optimization method also includes pestering people by constant ad pop-ups, spamming them with the product they have been searching for lately and playing with human psychology and abuse psychology methods.

The tricks and methods of pushing our website to the top are endless, and every day, new companies develop new methods to improve their SEO ranking online. The aim is to push the website up, which has been put down or compromised by Google’s ranking system.


Few Webmasters:

There are few webmasters and people who are excellent in SEO optimization. They use this knowledge to increase their website’s exposure on various search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc., in a legitimate way.

But nowadays, these threat generators and webmasters are playing a dual role, that is along with engine optimization, they are now tampering with CMS, which is also called Content Management System to secretly bundle different malware such as adware, spyware, ransomware, etc., each of which having unique traits along with different exploitation tools.

This tampering done by these threat actors is resulting from being dangerous for the users who are falling victim to these acts unknowingly.

To attract more traffic online on their website, social media and other platforms, bundles are malware payloads transferred to the victims who are not aware that something like this is happening by just searching something and opening a website on their computer.

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What Cyber Security Firm Says:

The well–known cybersecurity firm, Sophos, shared their insight on the research paper, saying that these websites are used to distribute scare – works or fake anti-virus onto the user’s computers as rogue security products. Successfully done SEO can significantly affect the volume of traffic that is attracted to elevate the ranking of a particular URL.

Many organizations are even seen to recruit different marketing people who do this job of optimizing site content for search engine indexing. Their job is to provide keywords and work according to the published guideline in an unscrupulous way.

Beware From Black Hat SEO:

To achieve the boost, shall not use the illegal ways, or it falls under ‘Black Hat SEO’. This Black Hat SEO associate with spammers, scammers, and illegal online merchants. The most illegal way it is happening these days is by driving the user to malicious websites to distribute scare – wares and malware.

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These threat actors use SEO kits or make strong PHP scripts to create web pages with topical keywords that the users search.

Whenever a user searches something related to those keywords or types those exact keywords and phrases, they come across a link that directs them directly to other pages.

Once we are redirected from the SEO page that we are searching for, a person faces multiple directions and different pages that can deliver malware to our computer and our devices.

It has become a routine for attackers and hackers to compromise with the legal and legitimate web pages and keywords to serve malware to the users. Once a site is under compromise, it can be held responsible for various kinds of hacks, tricks and abuse done by the hackers in the site’s name.

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Various Kinds OF SEO Attacks:

All these compromised sites over the internet become the hub for various kinds of SEO attacks and multiple rogue links. The SEO kit helps to limit the attacks.

It is one way of prevention and cure found by cybersecurity companies. Once a certain website is found to be compromised and is identified as a victim of a certain virus attack, the SEO kit will be uploaded and installed on the device.

Whenever the hackers get the ability to crawl into the search engine index, there has to be a way that differentiates between the legitimate users that come through the search engine, the typical search engine crawlers and the users that happen to be on the page. The keywords chosen for the attacks are also critical.

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