It no denies the fact the google chrome remains one of the most outstanding browsers of all time. With its great UI / UX, easy-to-understand and save options, beginner-friendly features like how to zoom, connect, bookmark, change the settings, other tab options, etc our lives easier.

It continues to overtake another browser with similar features. All the substitute browsers still cannot compete with Google Chrome due to many reasons and its simplicity in the technicality remains to lead the ranking for more than four years.

Almost 70% of the world users who have an active internetworking condition rely on Google Chrome more than any other browsing sites comparatively. All the rivals of Google Chrome, such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser, etc., pose no threat to Google Chrome as its total number of users is way below compared to the total number of users of Google Chrome.

Even their shares are single-digit, whereas Google Chrome shares have an outsized impact on the industry.


Additional Features, Enhancements, And Modifications:

Each Chrome Upgrade is filled with additional features, enhancements and modifications that the users are very excited always to use. Chrome is introducing the all-new Chrome 89, which is expected to bring the features and application of Windows and Chrome OS web sharing closer.

Chrome has now dropped the support towards its old processors with this new update of Chrome 89. Starting from this time, the Google Chrome browser will no longer support its older processors that are x86, because it cannot meet the new requirements.

The devices’ new requirements need to meet the minimum of Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3, also called SSE3. The processor of SSE3 is being supported by most of the browsers around the world for the past 15 years.

Chrome 89 will be available on google play soon, as said by the Chrome Android Update official. The technical program manager of Google said that the new update would bring forward stability and performance improvements. He even welcomed the customer to file a bug if they come across any new issue.

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Announcement Of New Updates:

The Chrome Team announced the different updates like

All these are the access to bug details that have been reported and Google Chrome fixed them. These are fixes and to prevent security bugs, google chrome introduced the updated fix.

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New Features of Chrome 89:

This updated browser is available in the beta version and is expected to provide many new features and improvements. One of the newest features in Privacy Sandbox is so secure that personalization also protects user privacy, which is shown as the first glimpse in the personalized privacy Sandbox.

The all-new Chrome 89 also brings with it the new password protection features and it also provides you the option of weak, strong and medium passwords and you can get easy access to edit them.

There is debugging support for which the developers can set breakpoints through the sources panel. It catches expectations for trusted-type violations and provides debugging support on it. There is a mode of the screenshot in which you can capture the full node.

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New API or Trust Tokens Tab Which Can Help To Fight Fraud:

There is a new API or new trust tokens tab which can help to fight fraud. The new Chrome has the feature that can help it to distinguish between bots and real people through a trusted source panel and without any passive tracking.

The new API of the Chrome 89 can now load AVIF image decoder content on its own with decoders on various kinds of Android and Web View and allow the sites to track usage across different domains. It also has forced colors property CSS media which allows sites to detect if the device is high or low contrast in its display mode.

The new Chrome 89 will soon come to give the users a rich browser experience and a stable and secure platform to do their online activities.

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