Homeland: Will there be any season 9?

Homeland-the Emmy and Golden globe-winning series with numerous twists, turns, climax, and catastrophes, is a psychological spy thriller series being first aired on premium cable channel ‘Showtime‘ in 2011. Based on Israeli TV series ‘Prisoners of War,’ it stars Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison, a  Bipolar CIA officer-turned-private citizen, and Mandy Patinkin as Saul Berenson, the mentor.

In its first debut on April 2011, Carrie was assigned to investigate Nicholas Broody, a US Army vet who returned home after 10 years of imprisonment in Afghanistan, to find out if it was turned by the Taliban. Broody was further found helping in the assassination of Vice president of the US and was hanged in Iran during season 3.

Carrie, besides her mental challenges, is an effective agent and one among the most trusted and reliable agent for her boss cum mentor Saul Berenson. However, Carrie is ethically questionable, when the US president was killed in a helicopter crash, and Carrie went on to investigate if it was an act of terrorism. She was, then, instructed by Russian agent Yevgeny Gromov to dig into the information even at the cost of killing her mentor Saul.

 By the end of the season, Carrie was left in the custody of Russian intelligence and was recovering with her meds in the hospital. At the outset of the finale, a failed polygraph test again called into question her loyalty to the nation and her time in prison, where she was alleged to be in a relationship with her handler Gromov. Even though Saul wanted to place Carrie back in order to maintain a fragile relationship between the Taliban and the Government of Afghanistan, but she wasn’t being welcomed by CIA chief. Much of the final season lingered around the is-she-isn’t-she dilemma, which makes her appear like Broody during the first few seasons.

Despite the stringent war and back to back climax with Carrie, Saul, and Gromov as the lead characters, Carrie probably saved the world from a nuclear attack even at the cost of her loyalty. As she knew that she would never come in terms with Saul, she fled to Syria with Gromov and then to Moscow. She authored a memoir ‘Why I had to betray My Country’, a copy of which was mailed to Saul. Although some acts were questionable, Carrie herself was a patriot by the end.

Homeland season 8 was basically a long-drawn effort to bring a stop to America’s longest war, a negotiation to bring in peace by tactfully highlighting the sheer scope and human toll of the mighty war. The television portion might have come to an end by season 8 but left an open-ended feeling amongst its viewers, signifying that the story best goes on in the imagination of its spectators. In fact, Homeland was never going to resolve the strife in the Middle East or Russia meddling in American politics. Thus, show Runner Alexa confirms that HOMELAND season 9 seems very much, unlikely as of now.


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