Is Rookie season 3 coming?


Rookie is a police procedural play featured with perspectives on TV. The series has already come up with 2 seasons and has been highly successful in creating a huge fan base. The average viewership in the first season was nearly 7.79 million, which even hiked up to 8.19 million during season 2. Rotten Tomatoes rated it giving a score of 70%. With so much success, the biggest question that comes up ” “WILL THERE BE ANOTHER SEASON ?”

This was a suspense series, an exceptionally attractive American Drama, directed by Alexia Hawley and is reported on the ABC broadcast show. The plot of the series revolves around the life of a man named JOHN NOLAN. He has fulfilled his wild fantasies by converting himself into a tenderfoot in Los Angeles. He, later, left his illustrious life behind in order to become a cop.

Season 1 closes on a  cliffhanger in which John was standing in his bedroom, staring at the stash being surrounded by the authorities. Hence, the fan bases are eagerly waiting to see how John manages to escape, his revelation that made John realize that his mentor was profound in the pockets of the mob and John going against his mentor to face the reality.

Sources confirmed that production of season 3  of American Satire show has been approved but no exact date is yet specified. The series was revived amid the coronavirus situation and officials might film the show in a secure environment only after the pandemic is over. So, another season this year is far cry but can show up in the latter part of 2021 only, as we can expect.

Considering it has produced such a massive fan base in its 2 seasons, will the race of season 3 be able to attract such a large number of its fans? Meeting up to the expectations of fans is the real challenge this time, keeping in mind the taste of US audiences. Added to it is satirical content of the drama which is to be pictured well alongside. Let us wait for the race 3 but HOW LONG IS THE WAIT?





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