Will Magne be able to change his destiny by his superpower?

Ragnarok is a Norwegian fantasy teen drama revolving entirely around the world of superheroes. It was written By Adam Price. Season 1 had six episodes which eventually became extremely popular in Netflix.


The web series narrates the story of Magne, an awkward high school boy who is not given the powers of Norse God. After his friend’s death Isolde, Magne quickly involves himself into a struggle with Jutuls, a family of immoral giants and enemies of the Thor & God since time immemorial. During the whole of season 1, Magne strives hard to understand his new abilities, investigating his friend Isolde’s mysterious death and coping up with Jutuls.

In the season’s premiere, an old woman, who worked at the grocery, was touched by Magne’s act of kindness and bestowed in him the powers of Thor. She is a benevolent figure and in some way likely to connected to the ancient Norse God.

There were four giants in Ragnorak’s season 1. The leader amongst them was Vidar, who has been defeated by Magne in episode 5. Vidar was too strong for Magne, and couldn’t hurt Vidar despite brute forces until Magne taunts Vidar by the name of Isolde, the girl Vidar has murdered. Magne calls for a flash of lightning and both knocks to the ground; Vidar is lying motionless while Magne survived the fight. Season 1 does not confirm Vidar as dead, although.

Fjor, son of the Jutul family, is one of the four giants in Ragnarok. He developed a romantic relationship with Gry and seldom opposed the idea to kill Magne. His romantic relationship troubled his connection with Jutuls, who had earlier agreed to cut all ties with Humans. However, to his utmost dismay, he was challenged by jutuls to kill his love to prove himself, but before he could proceed, he was defeated by Magne.

However, two of the four giants Ran, and Saxa survived in season 1; which most probably calls for their revenge against Magne in the next season. In fact, the confirmation of Vidar’s death in season2 can further reassure the Jutul’s next course of action. Furthermore, Ran, being practical and less aggressive, can act as the next de-facto leader. Alongside, Magne’s superpower can be more effectively be unleashed in the next of seasons. He may embrace his destiny by his superpower and can well turn himself into a force to be reckoned on if only the next season shows up.

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