Ghost of Tsushima: Excellent combat with an uneven Plot

Since the release of the Sucker punch’s ‘Ghost of Tsushima,’ in July it has been hitting up high in the charts. With  1.9 million digital sales in its first month, it became the fastest ever selling IP on Play station 4(PS4).  With a user score of 9.3/10, higher than the critic Metascore of  83, Ghost has been ranked as the most loved and highly -rated game of the generation. Tsushima appears like an open-world game with historical facts blended with gameplay and entertainment.

It begins with the battle of Komoda beach, the place attacked by Mongols during their first invasion of Japan in the 13th century. The opening act casts players in the role of Jin Sakai, a samurai lord in the beautiful land of Tsushima, who is helping his uncle to take down a battalion of Mongol invaders. However, the samurai fight with Honor and dignity while the Mongols battle with vicious brutality, and thus, the plot seems a bit unrealistic and frustrating.

Several techniques have been rendered to the players to advance like methods of stealth, murder, and death which makes Jin as a living personification of a swiss army knife. Denying some of the frustrating elements, it is still one of the most enjoyable game. Like all sword-based game, Its cinematic swordplay is easy and simple,  but a little harder to master. Players are required to read the actions of the enemies and act accordingly to diplomatically drop them down.

To the recent surprise, Sony and Sucker Punch studios also announced free multiplayer content to be added to this single-player samurai game. In short, this is an add on to the base game. Sucker also announced a four-player raid mode, taking the page like massively multiplayer online genre games like Destiny and the world of warcraft. With this generous help from a sucker punch, Ghost will likely see second life in its engagement and sales. After all, the game has become a darling to the audiences.

Ghost manages to offer players a wondrous rendition of feudal Japan, while also giving them enough of a playground to have fun with. It is an excellent purchase except for the uneven plot.

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