Orville Season 3: Release Date, and all the details

Orville is a perfect combination of action, comedy, adventure, and science. The story revolves around the futuristic world of the 25th century. This is an American web series in which the journey of a crew sent on an interstellar space mission. The makers have already announced season 3, which was supposed to be released by September 2020. But now due to the global crisis production is halted and shooting is not yet complete. By next year only the audience can expect the next season.  Confirmation date not been given about the release date.

26 episodes have been released so far in the series. Season 1 had 12 episodes released in 2017 and 14 episodes in season 2 which released in 2019. The writer of the series is seen playing the role of Captain Ed Mercer.

The writer has also mentioned that the creation of the series has already been projected. He also mentioned that this coming season draws from the Twilight Zone and the Star Trek series.

Season 1 and 2 have received mixed responses from the audience and have not received any big ratings. Season 1 and 2 were premiered at Fox Network but season 3 will be premiered at Hulu. As per the reports season, 3 will have only 11 episodes. As compared to previous seasons the number of episodes is less.

The official trailer has not yet been released yet. It’s expected to release in October 2020. But no official confirmation has been given by Hulu.

The Main Characters Of Orville

  • Captain Ed Mercer by Seth MacFarlane
  • Commander Kelly Grayson by Adrianne Palicki
  • Doctor Claire Finn by Penny Johnson Jerald
  • Lieutenant Gordon Malloy by Scott Grimes
  • Lieutenant Commander Bortus by Peter Macon
  • Lieutenant Alara Kitan by Halston Sage
  • Lieutenant by J. Lee
  • Isaac by Mark Jackson
  • Lieutenant Talla Keyali by Jessica Szohr
  • Charly Burke by Anne Winters
  • Fleet Admiral Halsey by Victor Garber
  • Lieutenant Commander by Larry Joe Campbell



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