Too Hot to Handle : But cannot mingle !

Single? But sorry, you can not mingle: this has been the bottom line for Netflix’s blockbuster reality dating show Too Hot to Handle. The display packs up ten sexy singles, mostly models, stars, influencers. From all across the globe: most of whom came penniless. To win the show and grab a grand prize of $100000, these lovelies have to give up all sorts of sexual activity. That means no kissing, no masturbating, no hanky-panky, nothing for a period of a full month. Any discretion would result in the deduction of prize money. The more you do, the more you lose.

The show opens up in a glorified meat market. Contestants can look but can not touch. All they had to do is to abstain and control their sexual needs despite the narrator’s continuous sex puns. An Alexa type of virtual guide Lana, will save them from making any wrong choices and losing money. The goal is to make a significant and serious relationship, unlike those only intended for sexual desires. Sharron swears he’s becoming a born-again virgin as he’s trying hard to keep down his sexual tension. Although cuddles and snuggles are legal, but bigger the crime, the bigger will the fine.

Some contestants also came up with inventive strategies in order not to lose money. Chloe and David’s no-touch strawberry smooch was very clever. Francesca and Haley lost $3000 during episode 3 for sabotaging the retreat because Lana’s always at service. Episode 4 sees the joining of yet another sexy single named Bryce. Girls just can not control their dopamine release and were going flat. Sharron wants Rhona and Harry wants to go with Francesca. Haley, on the other hand, was packing herself up. Her misconduct has made her out of the house.

Towards the end of the season, contestants were focussing on true bonds as Lana wanted. Lydia and David are abstaining from their urges, and they have spent a whole night together without any physical contact. While on the other hand, Francesca and Harry are LOLing all the time. By the last season, Sharron was seen facetiming Rhonda’s son. And after all the turbulences, Lana calls out a few names of winners in the penultimate moment. David, Chloe, Kelz, Lydia, and Bryce were all declared winners. They received a cash prize of $7500 each.

Too Hot to Handle has hit the stage differently during the quarantine. The horny show might have taken down some of the viewers to the lane of memories of high school—those teenage crushes when one craves love and affection that seemed out of reach.

So, Gals and Guys, let’s hook on to Netflix to binge into the Binge club’s THTH!

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