Feel good season 2: when can we ”feel good again”?

Feel Good is a well-produced  British comedy-drama series introduced in its first season with a total of 6 episodes. The series has been highly successful, creating a huge fan base. It was first streamed on channel 4. However, by March 2020 the show has been featured on Netflix as well.

Sources confirm that Netflix hasn’t renewed this series for another season. The fans are incredibly waiting for another season to make themselves feel good again. Unfortunately, Netflix may take a while to discuss the revival. The undergoing Coronavirus has paralyzed the entire manufacturing team. We can only expect Netflix to come up with a formal statement soon.

Season 2 will likely feature characters like Mae Martin as Mae and Lisa Kudrow as Linda, Mae’s mother. Cast like Charlotte Ritchie as George, Sophie Thompson as Maggie( Narcotics sponsor of Mae), Phil Burgers as Phil, George’s flatmate can be repeated. The series may find some new faces: all this is based on fans’ anticipation and the way the manufacturing team intends to make.

In the first season, the viewers saw  Mae is struggling to balance her soberness and mental stability despite her hectic work life and an engaged romantic life with George. In the second season, we can expect to see George and Mae could keep up with their imperfections and maintain a good relationship. Mae can be seen to stay away from narcotics anymore.

Netflix confirms that they don’t own a trailer as of now. The manufacturing team has not begun its production yet. Netflix can very well return with a teaser of it only after the lockdown is lifted.

All we are expecting is a formal confirmation from Netflix for the fans to feel good a with Feel good season 2 once more!


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