Fear of The walking Dead: Season 10 finale

For the very first time in a long span, we have gone through a whole summer with neither a season nor even a comic trailer of the Walking Dead because the bad news is season 11 has been deferred from its scheduled date in October. But thankfully, some good news for the fans. The season 10 finale will again be airing with six additional episodes of season 10 on the 4th of October,2020

Despite her first debut in season 9 only, Lauren Ridloff aka Connie, has been able to create a huge fanbase. She is a real hero, inspiring and providing much-needed representation of the hard-of-hearing community on screen. Audiences are touched by her kind heart and compassion. So, when Connie vanished after the cave collapse caused by Carol, and it was uncertain if Connie is dead or alive, fans went disappointed.

Fans are yet very hopeful for Connie’s comeback in the season finale. Considering her hardened soul and incredible strength, it is safe to assume her survival. Her comeback can be of great help because Connie has always been the bright spark in the dark world. Her empathy for others who are distressed like Carol makes her the strongest and most-loved character in the show. It is assumed that she would be of great resistance to the survivors because the final battle of the whisperer War will begin in the season finale.

Connie and Daryle, although, seems to be an odd pair but their on-screen chemistry was fun and caused many fans shipping ‘Donnie” as a potential future couple. Fans are anxious to see their developing relationship eagerly.

The other one is kelly, who will be glad to see her sister Connie. After the cave collapse, when Daryl was shattered, Kelly stood strong and directed the team to move ahead before its too late for another round of the catastrophe. After countless episodes of fights and brutality, fans might wish to see some moments of happy and hopeful survivors. With Donnie becoming a reality and meeting up of the soul sisters will probably suffice the fans.

As battles are about to begin, it is certain that some survivors will again add to the list of death from the conflict. However, with Maggie coming back and with Eugene, Yumiko, and Ezekiel getting aid from other communities, it can be anticipated that survivors may devise tactics to defeat the whisperers once and for all.

So, Pull up your horns and be ready for the Fear of walking dead!


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