Is Homeland season 9 confirmed or cancelled? Check out the updates here

Showtime’s series ‘Homeland’ has been one of the most popular shows with huge fan base. There has been 8 seasons till now and speculations about season 9 are going around.  Homeland released its eighth season on February 9, 2020 and has been admired by critics as well as the viewers. According to the reports, the show confirmed in August 2020 that season 8 would be the last season of the series.

In an interview, show’s co-developer Gansa said that Homeland depicts a story of a “mentor” and “protégé”. She believes that the eighth season gave a complete and sufficiently appropriate closure. All the characters got their justice hence resulting in end of the show.

About the show Homeland Season 9:

Homeland is an American spy thriller series which is based on Israeli series named “Prisoners of War”. Created by Gideon Raff, the series is set on the premise where a CIA officer Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes believes that her colleague Brody, held captive by Al-Qaeda was turned by enemy. She thinks Brody, who is celebrated as a hero, is a threat to the United States.

Still from Homeland

In the last season, Carrie struggles to recover from her brutal treatment that she suffered as a prisoner in Russia.

Homeland Season 9 Cast:

Homeland is one of those shows whose entire cast has audience’s heart. Fans have been really excited for the new season but the show firmly stands cancelled for now, until further information. However, people want to see Carrie Mathison back again on her duty.

Claire Danes is the main character who plays Carrie. Other roles and cast are as follows:

  • Costa Ronin as Yevgeny Gromov.N
  • Kaur as Tasneem Qureishi
  • Mand Patinkin as Saul Berenson
  • Numan Acar as Haissam Haqqani
  • Linus Roache as David Wellington

Homeland Season 9 Reception:

The first season of Homeland gained universal appreciation. The critics of Rotten tomatoes marked the first season at 100%. The first three seasons grabbed universal acclaim. However, ratings and ranking of the show kept on falling with new seasons.

The show was also slammed with controversies. Reports say that the Lebanese government was planning to sue the producers for misrepresentation of Hamra Street, Beirut in second season.

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