Spicy, Tempting Foods To Enjoy During Rainy season

Spicy, Tempting Foods To Enjoy During Rainy season

Rainy is that season, when your heart and mind, as a matter of course begin feeling better. At the point when it’s pouring vigorously outside, your heart unquestionably needs only two things, one is sentiment and the other is heavenly, mouth-watering food. To quiet your hankering of food, we need to list our favourite food items that go hand in hand with the rainy season.

Pav Bhaji

Rainy days call for hot Indian food and our number one pick is Pav Bhaji. It’s anything but a flat out wizardry of toasted buns (pav) with delectable bhaji masala made with hot, desi flavors.

This Maharashtrian uncommon bite is an unquestionable requirement to feast on during this blustery season.

Potato (Aloo) Tikki

Potato Tikki is the most cherished nibble for all potato sweethearts. It’s anything but a delicious combination of pureed potatoes with legitimate flavors. The blend of channa dal, ginger, garlic, green chillies and cumin seeds makes a great filling for the tikki.

Firm tikkis served alongside a hot cup of tea/ espresso sounds radiant!

Gujarati Masala Kachori

This mainstream veggie lover snacks is the awesome relish when it is pouring outside. Kachoris have part numerous varieties and this particular formula is not difficult to make.

The stuffing is arranged utilizing cooked gram flour, coconut, clove powder, cinnamon powder, nuts, cumin and cardamom. It is then broiled to make cushy and firm kachoris.

Serve these garma- garam (hot) kachoris with any chutney of your decision.

Chicken Pakora

Who does not adore firm pakoras on a chilled evening? Chicken Pakora is a very fiery treat that lights up your melancholy day.

The rich batter made with besan flour, rice powder, ginger- garlic and red hot masalas is marinated well with the succulent chicken pieces. Then fry the pakoras cautiously to get the ideal firmness.

Get a plate of these mouth- watering pakoras to lift up your mind- set in a flash.

Sweet Corn Masala

‘Corn’ is an ordinarily accessible food and we as a whole go off the deep end over – sweet corn cup, seared corn, corn masala chaat and other inventive types of this oat.

Sweet Corn Masala tastes divine on a cool day with a tasty combo of sweet corn, tomato, green chillies, ginger- garlic, sabzi masala, cumin seeds and fennel seeds.

A dash of lemon juice adds an additional kick.

Thool Pakoda/ Kaanda Bhajiya/ Onion Pakoda

Firm Onion Pakoda is an optimal bite ally for anybody at whenever, particularly during this mellow climate.

This unsurpassed most loved titbit can be immediately made with these basic formula steps. Little segments of the hitter blend are pan fried until brilliant earthy coloured.

Stay inside cheerfully with a bowl of onion pakodas and make the most of your #1 film.

Puff with Chole and Paneer Stuffing

You can’t get over this finger- licking puff, that can be made in a short time. The delicious stuffing is set up with disintegrated chickpeas (chole), paneer, ginger- garlic, channa masala and lemon juice.

This fresh puff gives a flavourful bend as you would prefer. Puff with Chole and Paneer Stuffing is a unique rainstorm bite to endeavour, other than the typical pakoras and vadas.


Samosas can be considered as another slobber commendable bite, this rainstorm. Gone are the days, when individuals had just potato samosa on their rundown, presently you can look over the wide scope of particular samosas. You can browse Pasta samosa, crisp paneer samosa, nutria- samosa, keema samosa and various other varieties. Along these lines, without the slightest hesitation simply slobber on them.

Molaga Bajji/ Mirchi Bajji

How might we fail to remember this epic storm bite that causes us to celebrate even hefty precipitation? These steaming hot bajjis during a serious deluge is all that could possibly be needed to finish our day.

Gram flour is joined well with chilli powder, soda and ajwain to shape a thick batter. Slashed onions, red chilli powder, cumin powder, jeera powder and amchur powder makes an incredible stuffing for the bajjis.

Add in some lime for an extra tart flavour.

Masala Chai

What could be superior to sitting at your rooftop shed and getting a charge out of little raindrops, while paying attention to your #1 music track, with a cup of masala chai close by? A cup of solid, masala chai comprising of ginger and green cardamom will be a finished pressure buster.


A bowl of hot soup, regardless of whether vegetable or clear soup is all you need this rainstorm. This season brings satisfaction as well as conveys loads of pipes and infections noticeable all around. A bowl of soup will fill the two needs, as to ward those vents off and to likewise to satisfy your warm taste buds.


A Plate of delightful chicken or vegetarian dimsums, is an unquestionable requirement have this watery season. Presented with zesty garlic chutney and mayonnaise, hot momos will take you to the entryway of paradise.


Why not add, a sweet dish to your rundown of storm journals? Garma- garam slim jalebis tastes mouth- watering and delightful in storm. Roundabout formed jalebis plunged in sweet syrup with the mix of samosas are simply close to consummate.

Roasted Chicken Tikka

Broiled chicken with mint sauce with the setting of downpour, isn’t it the best thing on the planet? The fresh broiled chicken with the onion rings is the ideal ache for buster for non- vegans, this storm season.


The brand name delicacy of Mumbai is currently accessible in each metro city. The rich paav with potato bunda is ideal for rainstorm. It tastes stunningly better, when presented with green chilli alongside red chilli paav. Beat the virus downpour drops with the delight of hot vada- paav.

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