“The Minions of Midas” Review: Modernisation of Jack London’s Short Story from 1901

THE Minions of Midas Review

It is a Netflix original Spanish thriller of the genre- thriller, Drama. The Minions of Midas is a Suspense series loosely based on London’s short story where a rich guy is being blackmailed with the pernicious consequences. It is set up in 2020s Madrid.

Victor Genovés (Luis Tosar), a  millionaire businessman and CEO of a Media company, is being blackmailed by a group calling itself The Minions of Midas, the reason unknown.

Victor is blackmailed into paying a lump sum amount of money to The Minions of Midas, or a person would be murdered at a specified place and time. He deals with the guilt of innocent people being killed if he won’t be paying the asked amount. His decision can mean the life or death of an innocent.

The series starting raise mystery of why victor is being blackmailed. Gradually events take place with no real explanation, which makes it a thought-provoking thriller crime drama. The pace of the story is relatively slow.

Every part of the series is intriguing and tentative. The threat and suspense increase with each episode leaving the audience full of thrill and tension simultaneously on their edges.

With so much, suspense and drama audience remain compounded by the show. The number of parts only being six, making up of six hours, most people would prefer to watch the series in one go eliminating the burden of tension, suspicion, and impatient Days.

One of the significant advantages of suspense thrillers is that it makes the audience stick until the end by raising their expectations from the very start onwards. That’s precisely what The Minions of Midas managed to do.

The show ignites with a bang, which is the first episode, and the second one is befitting enough to let tag the audience along for the remaining episodes. Keeping the series compact was a smart move.

The performances of the characters are remarkable and special mentions to Luis Tosar and Marta Belmonte. The camerawork also deserves appreciation. At times in between, it becomes a bit boring and would make you check the time.

A significant part of the audience finds it interesting and entertaining enough to binge-watch on the weekend. It received a 6.6 Imbd rating. People who love thrillers and mystery should go for it. It is a murder mystery that makes you wait for the mystery to unfold.

Also, a part of the audience found it boring at a very slow pace. It’s one’s call whether to watch this Netflix thriller drama or not. But overall, the Spanish series seemed to receive positive responses from the major part of the audience. Reviews received from social media platforms would sum up to be a thumbs up for the series.

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