Confusions and explanations around Dark season 3!

Netflix’s original series Dark ended with its third and final season. All along from the beginning, the show brought some crazy, confusing, and thrilling sci-fi angles to the story. All these elements made this first-ever German Netflix original show one of the epic shows of all time. From the mind-blowing story to the puzzled characters and relations, Dark has covered every possible aspect to get your mind to exercise.

About Dark

Dark is a blend of various genres such as sci-fi, thriller, mystery, and tragedy, with a bit of supernatural element. It depicts the story of four families living in the town of Winden. With the mysterious disappearance of two young children in the present year, these families discover relationships among themselves from the past and the future.

The protagonist of the story is Jonas, son of Hannah and Mike Kahnwald. Jonas’s father turns out to be Ulrich’s youngest son Mikkel, who had disappeared and traveled to the past via the time travel intersection inside the cave.

The last and third season clarified all the questions in previous seasons. It is set in the new Martha’s different world without Jonas. It shows the importance of Jonas in this time loop. Eventually, it discloses that Adam is the older self of Jonas. Jonas is also clarified about what needs to be done to prevent the apocalypse from happening.

Dark season 3: Explanations

Adam is Jonas:

Adam is first seen in season 2 when Jonas is unable to travel back to the present world. He tells Jonas that they both are the same person in different stages of their lives.
However, Adam’s revelation is doubted because of his scars and him turning up to kill Martha (Jonas’s love interest) in season 2. He sends Jonas back to his year, claiming he was trying to break the cycle. Instead, it appeared that Adam knew all along what would happen. He was making sure that things fall in the same pattern to repeat the cycle.

Adam from Dark season2
Source: Inverse

Regina Tiedemann’s father:

Claudia’s daughter Regina dies one way or another in both Adam and Eve’s worlds. Initially, Toronto Neilsen thought and was assumed to be her father. He often looked after young Regina.
Claudia clarifies in season 3 that Tronte is not Regina’s father. Moreover, it is not revealed who Regina’s father is, but Regina is surely related to Winden family

Charlotte Doppler’s parents:

The missing children investigator, Charlotte Doppler is learned to be adopted by HG Tanhaus. Later it’s revealed that Charlotte’s biological parents are Noah (also known as Hanno) and her own daughter Elisabeth Doppler. Her parents had met in the twisty time travel.
After Charlotte was born, the post- apocalyptic Elisabeth kidnaps her. It led to Hanno becoming Noah and fulfilling his part is the cycle.

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