ANUPAMA 30TH NOVEMBER 2020: Bapuji gives house to Anupama

ANUPAMA 30TH NOVEMBER 2020: Bapuji gives house to Anupama
The episode begins with Pakhi crying and requesting Anupama that she desires each. In the meantime, Vanraj got here and tried to say one thing to Pakhi. He stated Pakhi beta and pakhi ran away from there. Anupama and Vanraj each tried to cease Pakhi, however she ran away.

Vanraj blames Anupama:

Then, Vanraj holds Anupama and pushed her again, saying, now you might be glad? Inform me did you need all this? What you stated, you are worried about youngsters and Baa Bapuji. Is that this how you might be nervous about them? Are you completed with enjoying the function of a fantastic mom? Anupama shouted and stated, depart my hand. Vanraj stated; nonetheless, my speaking isn’t accomplished. Once more holds her and pushed her to the cabinet. Anupama stated I did not flip anybody in opposition to you. The kids are that outdated now that they will perceive proper and incorrect. They have already got seen the appropriate until now. Even they are saying incorrect that night time. Vanraj shouted and stated, Cease It. He continued and stated that it was high quality so long as the matter was between the 2 of us. However now it has turn into a scene. Now everybody is aware of every little thing simply due to you. Anupama replied, then you definitely should be glad about it. Now you and Kavya can reside collectively. Vanraj stated, Wow, did not you need this? You need that I depart my home and shift to Kavya’s home together with her so to rule alone over my home.

Vanraj ordered Anupama to depart the home:

Vanraj continued and stated to Anupama that I’d not depart this home and go in your variety info. Bapuji, in anger, requested me to depart the home, however Baa is not going to let her solely son depart the home and go elsewhere. Bapuji will change his determination. What is going to you do after that? What is going to you do? This home is my home; household is my household. Baa Bapuji are my mother and father. What have you ever received right here? Nothing, when you don’t have anything left between us. Then from which proper do you reside on this home? Vanraj ordered Anupama, Go from right here, Get out!! So long as you might be right here, everybody will do as you need. That is why go away from right here proper now. Vanraj stated, do not stare. Simply pack your luggage and Get out!! And do not reside within the false impression that with out you, this home will not run. Your place on this home isn’t greater than a glorified maid. I’ll rent two extra maids with Jhilmil. For Bapuji’s care, I’ll rent a nurse. And for cooking, I’ll rent a prepare dinner. That is all!! Your want will finish. As soon as you might be gone, I’ll make every little thing proper. Vanraj constantly stated I’d make everybody glad. I’ll handle Baa and Bapuji and fulfill the youngsters’s goals. Even I’ll happen in Samar’s coronary heart. I’ll do every little thing. You permit the home. Once more Vanraj blames Anupama that I had an affair since you are uneducated. My mother and father cried since you are their daughter-in-law. My Baa slapped me since you are my spouse. Even my youngsters are crying since you are their mom. The rationale behind each sorrow and drawback is simply you. So, please go away from right here. Then, wherever you wish to reside, you’ll be able to reside whether or not at your father or mother’s dwelling or pal’s home, or on the road. Do no matter you wish to do. It is not going to make any distinction to me. Simply get out!! Vanraj once more requested Anupama to depart the home. In any other case, I’ll throw you out of the home forcibly.

Anupama agreed on leaving home:

Anupama replied you need not loop so down. I’ll go alone. In case you are able to turn into a very good son, good dad, and proper individual by my going, even you’ll handle this household, then it is okay. I’ll go away. Samar noticed all this and shouts Baa, cool dude. Vanraj and Anupama tried to cease him. However he ran away shouting uncle, pakhi, toshu Bhai, Baa, bapuji, come out quickly. Anupama loudly asks him to not go to his grandparents. In the meantime, Vanraj once more holds Anupama in anger and stated, exit and say what you simply stated to me now, that you’re leaving this home. Within the subsequent scene, Samar tells Baa Bapuji and everybody about Vanraj and Anupama’s dialog. Vanraj and Anupama come down the stair, and everyone seems to be them in shock.

Anupama tried to persuade Bapuji, Baa:

Anupama stated, Baa Bapuji, a married lady, lives by two issues in her marital dwelling, one love and different respect. The love in our relationship died out way back. If I keep right here any longer, then respect can even die. And you recognize very nicely that I can not compromise with my self-respect and life. So, together with your permission, I want to depart this home. And anyway, if my leaving will restore the peace of this home, then I’m prepared to depart this home even this world too. Right this moment, Vanraj crossed all strains of respect. Anupama stated Bapuji if I nonetheless am right here, I can be down in my very own eyes. My mom had groomed me, and also you each (Baa, Bapuji) give me an upbringing. By staying on this home, I can not stand to see your values being disrespected. Bapuji replied a daughter-in-law brings prosperity to a house. She is a Goddess, and you recognize that Goddess cannot depart the temple. Anupama stated, my self-respect may be very a lot harm Bapuji that it has damaged me. And you recognize {that a} damaged idol cannot be within the temple. I’m your daughter, daughter-in-law, you all’s mom is, was and all the time being. I’ll fulfill all my duties, however simply by being exterior the home. Anupama requested, please allow your uneducated Anupama to depart the home Bapuji. Anupama continued and stated; when a lady enters her marital dwelling, she has just one dream that she’s going to depart in a coffin solely. I even not get that fortune. Anupama stated, I’m going again to my mom’s dwelling. I’ll stick with my mom after two streets from right here and all the time right here everytime you name me; I’ll attain right here instantly.

Vanraj stated, Cease this nonsense and depart the home.

Anupama stated BapujiBapuji stopped her and stated there isn’t a have to say anything. You advised us your determination; then the matter ends there. If you wish to depart, then you’ll be able to go. I’d not cease you. Samar interrupts and stated cool dude would you let mother. In the meantime, Bapuji stopped him and stated when everybody in the home begins performing as per their whims and stops caring for his or her mother and father, the mother and father also needs to cease interfering. In the event that they did not discover it essential to ask mother and father earlier than making a call, then I additionally need not ask them or inform them. Bapuji stated to Samar, in Vanraj’s room, there are the property paperwork of this home. Go and produce them. Vanraj whisper to Anupama, a daughter-in-law can take their son’s place however cannot substitute him. Anupama thinks and stated sorry, Bapuji, I do know my determination hurts you numerous. I hope you’ll forgive me for this.

Kavya had a dialog with Anirudh:

On the opposite facet, Kavya thinks that I do not know what is going on on in V’s home. I requested him to finish every little thing and are available again to my home. Why is not he right here? In the meantime, the cellphone rang, and Kavya took the cellphone and stated sure. Anirudh, on the opposite facet, replied I do know you might be a lot tensed now. Kavya replied, that is why you got here to extend my pressure. Anirudh stated, loosen up, Kavya, I’m not that a lot worse. Kavya asks then why you might be right here. Anirudh replied, I did not come right here to fulfill you. I got here to pay the society upkeep cheque. Then I noticed within the entry register that your boyfriend hasn’t come right here post-Diwali. Kavya stated, what the hell!! What does issues to you? Anirudh continued and stated In the event you and Vanraj caught on the resort, then what’s my fault on this? Kavya stated, Oh! Rakhi has advised you additionally. Anirudh replied, no, not me however to my pal who lives on this constructing. Look, Kavya, I’m not sarcastic. However I wish to notice you. Suppose it over. Even in spite of everything this occurs, Vanraj isn’t with you, however he’s together with his household in his dwelling. Have you learnt why? As a result of a mistress will all the time be a mistress, and a spouse is all the time a spouse. Vanraj will apologize to his household, and they’ll forgive Vanraj. Finally, Vanraj is their solely son. Vanraj’s place is secured in his home. However whether or not your house is secured in his life or not, you must give it some thought. Anirudh stated, look, Kavya!! Typically it is good to make use of the mind, too, together with the center. It is higher for you. Then Kavya thinks, Anirudh phrases usually are not incorrect. Now everybody is aware of every little thing in V’s home. However nonetheless, he did not come right here. As an alternative, he’s making an attempt to assuage them. On the opposite facet, Samar brings the home paperwork. Bapuji holds the paperwork and thinks in regards to the previous, the place he declares the home in each of them names. Bapuji stated to Vanraj; you might be very happy with this home. Aren’t you? After saying that, Bapuji tore the papers in entrance of Vanraj and stated, there go, together with these papers, your ego has additionally been destroyed.

Bapuji switch home’s possession to Anupama:

Bapuji then stated I had transferred this home possession to each of you as a result of I did not know that sometime you’ll put us in that scenario. So at this time, I’m altering my will. Now, I’m transferring the possession of this home to Anupama. From at this time and even from this second, solely Anupama has sole possession of this home. And when this home belongs to Anupama, it is pointless to have a nameplate of Vanraj on the primary door. Bapuji goes and brings out Vanraj’s nameplate from the primary door and provides it to Vanraj in his hand. He continued and stated I requested you to depart my home within the morning. This home is Anupama’s home, so you’ll keep right here or not is Anupama’s determination. The proprietor of this home will resolve.

Vanraj leaves the nameplate in shock.

Vanraj requested Bapuji; you might be doing all this to me. To your son!! Okay when you’ve got a daughter-in-law who’s dearer than your son, so let or not it’s. Vanraj checked out Anupama and left the place to his room. One after the other, everybody goes from there. Vanraj reached his room and began packing his garments. Baa got here there and checked out Vanraj. She requested Vanraj that your Bapuji stated to depart the home and you might be leaving!! You’ll depart your home, your youngsters’s and your mom. Vanraj replied I’m simply leaving Baa. You individuals have already deserted me and turned me into an outsider in only one jiffy. You slapped me, Bapuji requested me to depart the home, and my youngsters do not even wish to speak to me! What ought to I do after staying at this home? Baa replied {that a} man is likely to be a father or a son; each time he felt incorrect about something, he would depart the home. A girl stays to attend for him all the time, both for husband or son. Males struggle, however ladies endure. On the one hand, there’s a husband and however son. Inform me, whom ought to I help? I can not say something to husband and son do not hear. What ought to I do? Vanraj hugged Baa and stated Sorry Baa, Anupama destroyed every little thing, breaks all our household.

Anupama talked to Bapuji:

On one other facet, Anupama requested Bapuji; my household is about to interrupt resulting from me. I can not let it occurs, Bapuji. What sort of justice is that this Bapuji during which a mom received separated from her son, youngsters separated from father and also you? Do not I do know that if Vanraj leaves the home, then how a lot you bought harm? And Baa… She will not be capable to reside. Please do not do that, Bapuji. Bapuji replied Vanraj made a mistake, and I punished him. Do not blame your self for this. In all this, you haven’t any fault; in any other case, incorrect is what occurred to you. Baa stated, what we left in your upbringing that you just did this. Vanraj replied, you bought me married to such a lady whom I do not like. However I by no means questioned you that what’s left in performing the son’s function? Anupama wasn’t your alternative; she was my grandmother’s alternative. That is why you taunt her day by day in 32 years. You have been so disillusioned about not getting the daughter-in-law of your alternative. Then why cannot I be disillusioned for not getting the spouse of my alternative?

Precap: Vanraj stated, I’m leaving this home and going to Kavya. I’ll marry Kavya. Anupama stated, Hear, you might be speaking about divorce? Vanraj replied, sure. Anupama stated, if you ship me divorce papers, I’ll signal them. Anupama thinks from my soul; I already divorced you.

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