Shadow and Bone casts some fan favourites for season 2

Shadow and Bone casts some fan favourites for season 2(1)

Shadow and Bone is a television drama produced by Christina Strain Thane and Watkins Rand Geiger. The series is based on a war-torn world in which cartographer Alina Starkhov (Jessie Mei Li) resides. Suddenly  Alina realised she had extraordinary powers that could be the key to setting her homeland free from a dark entity called The Fold filled with monstrous creatures called velcro. The first season was released on 23 April 2021 and had eight episodes.


The story is based on war, and there is also a soldier’s story.Season2 of Shadow and Bone is officially renewed for the 2nd season in June 2021. Production will start on Thursday; the series has an incredible response from the audience and has an excellent rating on IMDb, and the season will premiere on Netflix.


One of the most exciting television dramas with so much entertainment and so many positive reviews gives us the perfect reasons to watch the exciting drama. Show gets 55 million views on Netflix, which is number 8 in most viewed English Tv shows.

Casts of Shadow and Bone season 2

Now there is news on season2 of this drama, and the production starts on Thursday and also news of some new faces added to the cast and their names and characters are following:-


Anna Leong Brophy (Back, Traces) as

Tamar Kir-Bataar:- Shown as the twin sister of Tolya and an LGBTQ character.


Lewis Tan (Mortal Kombat) as  Tolya Yul-Bataar:-  Is a very muscular personality and will be a mercenary among the crew of Sturmhond.


Jack Wolfe (The Magic Flute) as Wylan Van Eck:- Son of a wealthy businessman involved in criminal activities joined as a skilled chemist.


Patrick Gibson (The OA) as Nikolai Lantsov, prince of Ravka:-  A prince who is a confident and self-centred man.


Release Date of Shadow and Bone season 2

There is also a question in the minds of viewers that when season2 is going to release, So officially, there is no fixed date announced by the makers, but there are some hints regarding the drama’s storyline. Most probably, the story revolves around the events of Siege and storms and also the next book in the trilogy, but with some added plot lines.


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