Kumkum Bhagya 24 December: Ranbir was in a dilemma

In the beginning, Shahana was encouraging Prachi to flirt with Ranbir. Prachi and Ranbir greeted each other. Then he started ignoring her so that she starts hating him. Then he praised another girl, wearing a short dress. He realized that he was doing wrong with Prachi and was apologizing to her in his mind.

Prachi told Ranbir that she didn’t like him praising that girl. Ranbir replied casually; what was wrong with that? I liked her dress so complimented her. She said I could also dress up like her. Then you will praise me also. Then Prachi started following Shahana’s instructions. It made Ranbir angry. He scolded her. “You will makeover yourself!!! Do you have such a personality? You are a simple girl and be like that.” His harsh words hurt Prachi. She went into the kitchen and started crying.

Shahana followed her and asked her the reason. Prachi got irritated. Shahana said, ok, don’t share your problem with me. I will tell masi that you are crying. Prachi was annoyed. She shouted, “Go and tell everyone!” Then Shahana hugged her. Prachi melted and apologized and explained to her everything.

She said Ranbir got so angry when I flirted with him. What does he think? Can’t I wear short dresses? Of course, I can! But I don’t want to change myself. Shahana said he did wrong with you. She consoled her and said she would speak to Ranbir about it.

The ghost of the antique necklace emerged once again!

Meanwhile, Meera was getting ready for the engagement. Her make up artist asked her to wear a necklace, and surprisingly, it turned out to be the same piece Pragya wore mistakenly. Meera was surprised to see it and said, I didn’t buy this necklace, and I can’t wear something this precious.

Robbers managed to escape!

When the police were shifting robbers to the jail, they pretended to fight with each other and run. Though constables were able to catch a few of them, rest fleed.

Aryan tried to pacify Ranbir.

Aryan got Ranbir inside the room and asked him what he was doing. They started arguing. Ranbir was already under tremendous pressure not to muster the courage to tell Prachi the truth. He started drinking. Aryan took the glass from him. Ranbir said, “I need to resort to this to suffer less.” Aryan asked if Ranbir was crazy? Ranbir said, “This will give me the courage to tell Prachi about my roka.” His helplessness was maddening him.

He continued, “I have hurt Prachi. I appreciated another girl. For the first time in my life, she felt jealous. This is all I wanted. I wanted her to be possessive for me. All Prachi wanted today was my attention and I couldn’t give her that. She was ready to wear even a short dress for me. She can go to any extent for my sake. How unlucky I am. There was a time when I wanted to win her heart and now I am breaking her heart.” Aryan hugged and tried to console him.

Meanwhile, Shahana thought of confronting Ranbir. However, Prachi insisted her not to do so. She told her it hardly matters if he appreciated another girl. Shahana warned her that he would carry on with this attitude if you don’t react today, and I won’t let this happen. And they both reached his room. Prachi asked Shahana to leave so that she can talk to Ranbir in person.

Pragya came into Meera’s room.

When Pragya was coming to meet Meera, she saw the same suspicious waiter peeping into her room. She asked him to go and look after the guests. Then she met Meera, who was very hospitable to her. The makeup artist asked Pragya to persuade her to wear the necklace. Before Pragya could say anything, Abhi also reached. The makeup artist asked Abhi the very same thing.

Pragya, while looking at Abhi, insisted Meera to wear the necklace. Meera was hesitant because she did not choose it for herself, and it was costly.

Abhi also insisted Meera to wear it. “You are one of them who know the worth of precious things. Moreover, you are lucky because you are going to be Mrs Mehra so your gift has to be special.” Said Abhi. Listening to this, Pragya came out of the room. Abhi, too came out the very next moment, leaving Meera confused.

Misunderstanding of Mitali:

Mitali saw Aryan and Shahana talking to each other. As per her habit, she started cooking up stories, and though they see each other. She decided to listen to their conversation secretly before saying anything to Aliya.

Aryan asked Shahana if she was ok? Shahana cross-questioned, “Why don’t you ask this to Ranbir? Why are you concerned for me?” Meanwhile, Riya came looking for Ranbir. Shahana asked her why she is after him? Riya said I don’t want to talk to you, so stay away and left. Shahana asked Aryan if she is nuts? Then she started asking about Ranbir’s changed behavior. Before they could talk more, Mitali came and took Aryan with her. Shahana thought the entire family is crazy.

Meanwhile, the constables informed inspector Saho that robbers had run away. He asked them to inform the headquarters. The robbers managed to get a car too and called their master, Goga, to tell them that they were heading towards Abhi’s home as per the plan. The suspicious waiter turned out to be Goga. Their conversation also revealed that the robbers hid that antique necklace in Mehra’s shopping bag. That’s how the necklace reached Meera.

Ranbir and Prachi came closer:

When Prachi asked Ranbir if he was hiding something, Ranbir answered bluntly. He said, “I won’t tell you so please don’t waste your time.” Then Prachi asked if he was drunk? Ranbir said, yes, I am! But don’t create a scene for this. Prachi replied, “Surely not! Because you don’t value my words. I don’t want to talk to you.” Ranbir got restless. He said, “Why won’t you talk to me? I am misbehaving with you and you are not even reacting! I am drunk, I flirted with another girl, you should get angry with me.”

He continued, “You are so nice, you are the best thing that has ever happened in my life.” Though planning for a break-up, he said I love you, Prachi. Listening to this, Prachi was overwhelmed. They both started crying. Prachi said, ” Earlier I thought I have committed a mistake but with your today’s behaviour, I thought I don’t deserve you.” They apologized to each other. Amidst this, Riya also reached outside Ranbir’s room, looking for him, and could realize that Prachi is inside. The episode ended with this scene.


Riya loses her temper, seeing Ranbir and Prachi in a room. She tells Prachi about her Roka with Ranbir.

How will Prachi react after knowing the truth?

What will Pragya do for Prachi?

Will Abhi get engaged to Meera? We will get answers to these questions in the next post.


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