Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Me: 26 December 2020: Virat efforts to make Sayi happy

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Me_ 26th December 2020

Pakhi asks Virat that Sayi is not a kid as he brought her balloons and candy floss. First says to Pakhi to know their meaning, she has to look through Sayi’s eyes; these are not just things but the memories of Sayi’s Aaba; these wishes and memories remain until they converse in their souls. Pakhi thinks he’s right, Virat has separated his heart from her memories, and now he doesn’t respect her.

Sayi forgives Ashwini and Shivani.

First, Ashwini tells her to apologize to Bhavani. Next, Sayi apologized to Bhavani. Bhavani shouts that she suddenly changes her actions, first offering pain and then medication. Sayi says she’s going to become a doctor, and she’ll give her medication, and she’ll hold her tightly. Ashwini and Sayi smile as Pakhi and Bhavani rage when seeing that. Saloni, Ninad, and at the dining table, Omkar yells that they have to wait until the end of Sayi’s drama; she has made a rollercoaster trip out of their lives.

Devi comes in, sits on a dining chair, and asks where everyone is. Saloni says they’re in the room with Sayi. Devi runs happily and says she’s going to have some food in Sayi’s place. Sayi asks Virat whether or not he is going to send her candy floss and balloons. He’s offering them to her. Devi goes in and snatches away the candy floss. Sayi runs behind her, frequently clashing with Bhavani. Shivani stops them and says they should all share candy floss. Agrees with Sayi. Since Sayi’s a good girl, Devi says, she’ll agree. Virat is asked by Seher why he carried gifts for Sayi and not Pakhi.

Virat declares that Sayi has passed her test.

Devi leaps with joy. Sayi is delivering her balloons. Devi runs away carrying candy floss and balloons happily. Sayi tells Usha that she only thought Aaba was bringing her candy floss and balloons to celebrate, but she’s shocked that Virat brought them for her, too. She happily shares candy floss to rejoice with others. Bhavani cries that they’re all starving, and she’s busy partying with candy floss. When she smiles, Sayi tickles her and aggressively feeds her candy floss. Pakhi is standing and fuming. Sayi clicks pics with them.

Pakhi returns to her bed, reminiscent of Virat’s words to Sayi, fuming. She gets a picture of Virat and Sayi in the family community and feels more jealous. Bhavani sips green tea after a meal. Saloni wonders why, even at night, she has green tea. Bhavani says she feels headache because Sayi’s drama, Sayi fed her candy floss forcibly, and she drinks green tea to ward off toxins. Ashwini walks in and tells Bhavani that she wants to visit the temple and feed poor people to celebrate Sayi’s test results.

Bhavani screams for the family members, and Sayi is not a part of the family. Ashwini says Sayi is a Bahu, and she will do that even if she has to sell her bracelets to feed the hungry. Bhavani screams on why she came to her when she made her mind up. Ashwini says that, as an elder, she had to take her to leave and walk away. Comments from Saloni. Next, Bhavani screams at her.

Virat slips and twists his ankle while walking inside the room. Sayi gets his sprain corrected. He’s feeling fine. She thanks him for the candy floss and balloon, and by reliving her childhood memories, she makes her special day more memorable. He says she’s happy with the small stuff; she should avoid thanking him as he’s happy to see her happy as well; he’s going to get her better gifts. She’s saying that her Aaba dream is coming true.

Along with the wish of Kamal sir, he says, even her hard work is poured in. She demonstrates what little details matter to her and offers an image of a flowing river. Virat says he likes flowing river and explains his emotions, memories of childhood where his uncle used to take him and Samrat near the lake and they used to enjoy them; asks if she’s going to visit him with the river.

She wonders if she’s going. He says it’s for her happiness, that if she doesn’t want to go with him, all right, she can go with Shivan or Karishma. Sayi says she’s not going to feel the joy she used to feel with Aaba; she wonders why they disagree when they talk. He says, without fighting, she can’t speak. She says it’s like she’s from the forest. He says it means that he’s evil. She doesn’t say anything. He wonders if he’s going to explore the river with her.

She asks if Usha Mausi can accompany them as she is a family. If he’s not a family, he wonders. She says to him that she’s just a liability. He says the family means liability.

Precap: Bhavani sees Sayi taking Virat out and asks where he’s going to take his wife. For college admission, Virat says. She says that women in her family don’t go out and study. Pakhi says she also agreed on this rule. Sayi says she’s going to come to the doctor and fulfill her dream with Aaba.