Choti Sardarni 26th December 2020 episode: Meher takes the blame on herself to save Param

Choti Sardarni 26th December 2020

Sarabjeet realized Aditi’s true intentions after she sought Karan’s custody to help him get Param out of jail. Sarabjeet went to her and said that he would never hand over Karan to her as for him, both kids were equal. Also, he would never sacrifice one child for another.

“Aditi Kaur Bedi, both kids are my children and to save Param I will never sacrifice Karan. I don’t need anyone’s help as I have God to support me. Till the time I have His support, I don’t care even if I have to fight against this world. I will find a way and get my child out of this trap anyhow,” shouted Sarabjeet.

Param started calling out “father” from the police van, and helpless Sarabjeet could only cry and stare at him.

Suddenly, a constable came out and said that the court had ordered them to release all the kids. Sarabjeet took a deep breath of relief when he found Param free from all the charges.

When Aditi asked the constable the reason for setting the kids free, he said that some person has confessed that the person was behind these criminal acts. After Sarabjeet and Param went inside looking for Meher, Aditi’s lawyers asked her what to do next.

“Leave it, we won’t have to do anything for now. After some days, they will themselves realize that their decision was stupid,” she said.

Sarabjeet and Param were alarmed when they saw Meher arrested under criminal charges. When Sarabjeet asked the cop, she replied that Meher had confessed that she was the one who used to engage the kids in robberies.

The lady cop said, “Sir, this lady has confessed that she used to force kids to beg and steal. She has surrendered.”

Another cop said, “Right now it is 1pm. Let’s wait till 3pm as the police van will arrive at 3pm to take this woman to Amritsar jail. Once she is gone, we will get at least 2 weeks to investigate the case.”

After hearing that Meher took the blame on herself, Sarabjeet questioned her and sought the reason for doing the same. She didn’t reply. The cops took fingerprints of Meher on some documents and put her behind bars.

Sarabjeet and Param went to her and cried severely. Sarabjeet promised Meher that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

Meanwhile, some goons started beating Montu and his friends for stealing only one wallet that day. One of them said to Montu that if he would raise the anger level of ‘Ganja’ paaji, then his hands would be chopped to beg.

At Vikram Diwan’s home, he finally woke up from his nap and realized that he was given a sleeping pill in his drink. In the midst of it all, Harleen called him to get some information about Meher and told him to inform her whenever he gets any news about them.

Montu went rushing towards Param’s home and called his name loud. When he didn’t find Param home, he started panicking. While he was on his way to find Param, he accidentally slid past Kulwant’s staff. He asked Montu about Meher and his family by showing them their photo. When Montu said that he knew them, the man called Kulwant. They both pleaded to him to take them to their house, but he refused to help as he was in a hurry.

After Montu left, Kulwant said, “In this village, there are a few houses. We must check each and every house if we want to find Meher.”

Meanwhile, Sarabjeet and Param searched for Montu and his friends to give them their evidence and rescue Meher from jail. Suddenly, Param saw Montu and called him. Montu was forcefully taking a kid somewhere, but Sarabjeet rescued the kid.

“Why did you let the kid go? Now what will happen to my brother and sister?” cried Montu.

When Sarabjeet asked him the reason behind his fear, Montu said that if he wouldn’t take two kids along with him, then his siblings’ hands and feet would be cut, and they would have to beg.

“Please can I take Param and Karan with me? If I won’t take two kids with me, Ganja paaji will chop my siblings legs and hands,” pleaded Montu.

On the other hand, Ganja paaji’s men threatened Montu’s siblings and said that if Montu failed to fulfill the order, their legs would be chopped. Montu entered with Param and said that he has got a kid. The goons shouted at him and asked him where the other kid was?.

“I am the other kid,” Sarabjeet said.

Sarajeet shouted out, Ganja paaji’s name and told him to step out and fight with him.

Sarabjeet went to Ganja paaji and shouted at him to threaten kids and force them to do wrong things. His world turned upside down when he saw that Ganja Paji was twice his height. But the determination to get Meher out of prison made him stronger.

Ganja paji kept a deal in front of Sarabjeet. He said that he would give Sarabjeet at least one minute to beat him as much as he wanted to without any interruption from his side. But after one minute, he would beat him.

Meanwhile, in the jail, Meher was about to take water from the clay pot when the woman inside the cell threw her glass away.

“How dare you drink water without taking our permission?” they said.

“Who the hell are you to stop me?” said Meher.

The women started beating Meher and choked her neck with their hands. But a lady constable came and told them to stop and continue their fight when they would reach the Amritsar jail. Meher prayed for Sarabjeet to come as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Sarabjeet tried his level-best to overpower Ganja paji, but all in vain. He beat him badly, thrashed him with a chair and even bricks, but nothing worked.

Will Sarabjeet be able to beat Ganja paji and save Meher? Watch Monday’s episode to find your answers.