Naagin Season 5 10th January 2021 episode: Veer loses his memory?

Naagin Season 5 10th January 2021

Veer and Bani’s problems didn’t seem to end as a new person entered into their lives. It was hard for Bani to judge whether this new guy was a friend or an enemy.

In the midst of it all, Panditain had lost her life to Jai. The evil did not spare a chance to kill his enemies and torture Bani to the fullest. He killed her with pride and said that he would never let himself lose.

Unaware of Panditain’s death, Bani struggled to know the real identity of the mystery man who had entered into her life. He introduced himself as a well-wisher of Bani, who has returned to remind her about her revenge and the mistake she was making by falling in love with a vulture. He told her to recall the Satyug period so that she can remember who he was.

After a lot of thoughts, Bani went into a flashback and saw some vultures attacking her. She was a ‘Nageshwari’ at that time. When Bani asked the man about his relationship with her past, he said that he was the one who saved her from the vultures.

The man said, “Why are you asking me so many questions? Let’s just forget who is right or wrong and who has been making wrong decisions till now.”

He told her to come along with him to know his real identity. Bani refused to go with him till he told her who he was. The man took her forcibly to the party. He announced in front of the audience that Bani wasn’t able to recognize who he was. Finally, the guy admitted that he has come from the sky. Bani asked him if he was an angel? He admitted.

Bani was scared as he revealed his identity in front of everyone. He told her to relax as he knew magic. Within a few minutes, he cast a magic spell on everyone, and they forgot what had happened at the party.

“So, did you like my magic spell? Anyways, it is pointless asking you this question as what you had done is not worth seeing. Do you have any idea about the purpose of your rebirth? You have come back to take revenge and finish all the vultures. But, you fell in love with a vulture,” he reminded her.

Bani replied, “I know my real motive. I am punishing all those who are in fault, but I will never kill those who are innocent. They will be given a chance to rectify their sins. This is my justice.”

The man didn’t believe her and said it was an excuse for her to save the vultures. He said that she had forgotten her motive and will never take her revenge.

After some time, Bani went to the Shiv temple and called out Panditain’s name to seek answers to all that had been happening with her. The Saphera informed her that she had been missing for the last 2-3 days. Bani looked at Shiva’s statue and sought answers to her confusion. She asked who was right and who was wrong.

“Shiva ji, please help me. The one who I thought is evil, is actually a nice person. But, the one who I considered as my life partner, is a traitor. Why are you doing this to me? Why are you hiding everything from me when you know the truth? Is it wrong to love Veer?” asked Bani.

Suddenly, a sage appeared before her and told her to ask her heart instead of questioning anyone. She shut her eyes to connect with her heart. She realized that she was right. The sage said that if she thought that she was right, then according to God, also her decision is right.

When she returned home, she saw Veer extremely worried for her as she had left the party without informing her. She said that she was lost but has now found her route. She requested him to hug her once. They embraced for a very long time, and the viewers saw a sweet romantic moment between the two love birds.

On the other hand, the youngsters were playing a game downstairs. As soon as Bani and Veer joined them, Ponky requested Bani to be a part of their team. Bani whispered to him that she knew what he was up to and what he had done with her friend in the past. She said that she would punish him soon and was sorry as her husband would have to bear the punishment.

When everyone asked her on whose side she was, Bani replied, “I am with the truth. I will always be in the team that is honest and right.”

In the middle of the night, the angel appeared before Bani and cast magic on Veer, who he thought was inside the quilt. But he wasn’t there. He looked for him in the entire house but failed to find Veer. Bani said that there was no one in the house and she would do anything to protect her dear ones.

“What would you do later? Will you punish them later? Let’s do one thing. Let’s do one thing. Let us play the next moves according to your wish. If you want them to be safe right now then this would happen. But, you will get the punishment in return. This love will take you to hell and I promise I will make this imaginary world of yours worse than hell,” he said.
He disappeared after a minute, and Bani worried over his warnings.

The next day, everyone was looking cheerful after returning home. Everyone told Veer to thank Bani for such a beautiful arrangement. Bani was curious to hear romantic words from Veer’s mouth. But, he didn’t recognize her.

Meanwhile, the angel laughed at the situation and said to himself that Bani would now suffer her punishment.

Inside the house, Veer asked Bani to get a coffee cup and treated her like a maid. He took her to the kitchen, and forcefully told her to make coffee for him. Bani was unable to figure out why Veer was acting weirdly.

Suddenly, the angel came and accepted that he was behind Veer’s memory loss. Bani warned that he was making a mistake. He said that Veer would throw him out of the house and would never recognize her.

He said, “Your dear vulture will get irritated by your presence and will throw you out of this house. Till the time you would realize what was happening to you, I will complete my work and kill your vulture.”

After she left, Jai entered the kitchen and admitted that he was the real threat and most significant danger in Bani’s life. He did everything to separate Bani and Veer in the past. He thought that with the company of the angel, he would make the situation worse.

Meanwhile, Bani tried her level best to bring back Veer’s memory. Instead, he got angry after she said that she was his wife.

Veer said, “Yes, I have finally gained my memory. It is all my brothers’ doings.”

He called his brothers and scolded them for playing a dirty trick with him. They told her that she was her wife. Veer refused to accept her as his wife, as she was a servant according to him. On the other hand, Jai told Daksh and Ponky to help him separate Veer and Bani. They accepted the offer.

After some time, Meher entered the kitchen and hugged Bani. Bani cleared her misunderstanding and said that it was all due to the magic. She blamed herself for everything.

Will Veer gain back his memory, or will he throw Bani out of his house and life? Watch next week’s episode to find out.

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