Grand Army Season 2: Netflix Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Grand Army Season 2

Netflix shows are impressive. They support all the issues include gay rights or supporting LGBTQ+. Netflix used to concentrate on all the issues and used to show them on their shows as well. They focus on issues like Racism, Bullying, etc.

Grand Army is a school drama. This series started on October 16. The story revolves around five students and their time in their school Brooklyn’s Largest Public School. Katie Cappiello creates this series. The story is inspired by Cappiello’s play named Slut: The Play. After broadcasting the nine episodes of the show, the audience was thinking about its next season because many questions are pending. That audience eagerly wants to know.

“Will there is a Season 2 of Grand Army?”Netflix has not yet announced the renewal of Grand Army Season 2, but we are expecting it to be happening soon. The producers of the show are Beau Willimon and Joshua Donen. Westward handled the production of the show.

Release Date

The audience must be waiting for Grand Army Season 2 declaration. Its declaration is a bit longer, but hopefully, you will soon get the good news to hear. Grand Army Season 1 had an extraordinary photographic session between May and September 2019 that is before 13 months of the series released on Netflix.

If we match the schedule for Season 2 with Season 1, it will be there until 2022. Once we get the information of its renewal, then we will forward that to you all. We all know about your excitement; if the wait is there, then interest must be more.


The five main characters of the show in Season 1 are:

  1. An aspiring musician and student Jayson played by Maliq Johnson.
  2. Basketball enthusiast Dominique, Dom played by Odley Jean.
  3. Isolated Leila played by Amalia Yoo. She is an adoptee who struggles to reconcile her Chinese heritage and her upbringing with white parents.
  4. School swimmer Sid played by Amir Bageria.
  5. Famous school dancer and feminist Joey played by Odessa A’zion.

All these are there in Season 1, will wait for Season 2 declaration to confirm the same cast, or have some changes in it. Along with the lead, the supporting character is also Elena Khan, Katie Griffin, Diego Martinez, Zac Kara, and August Blanco Rosenstein.


Grand Army is the web series based on the play named Slut: The Play. Katie Cappiello creates the play. Katie Cappiello is also an executive producer and writer of the show “Grand Army.”

The central theme of the show focuses on Racism to Sexual Assault. The story revolves around five school students who study in a school named Brooklyn Public High School.
The first episode, titled “Brooklyn, 2020”. It sees a bomb go off close to the school and examine its impact on the students.


We are eagerly waiting for its announcement along with the filming of the same. Once we get updates on the same, we will surely inform you all.