A small glimpse on Modern love season 2

Modern love is one of the most famous anthology series which explores love in all of its complicated and beautiful forms and its effects on the human connection as well. It has been helmed by the most famous director John carney. Modern Love prevailing in suddenly certainly and genuinely adjusting the notable New York. Modern love web series is not based on such one kind of love story, relationship. It was made up of 8 different stories with eight different concepts of relationship, love stories.

In season one, we have seen how things were beautifully changed in it. I have already mentioned above that it is a mixture of 8 different stories. When we are starting to watch the first three episodes, it was awesome, and the phenomenon was very good. Besides that, it has very good acting and caste representation too.

But when we come to 4, 5, 6 episodes, we feel some drag some slow. Which means we take time to understand this next episode.

The performance of this series is just awesome and very good. If we talk about the cast representation, Dev Patel has well played his role. The way of the storyline was very pretty when we see this series. We feel like greezy, and we feel good after watching this series.

If you really want to fresh your mood with this series,  do not watch the whole story in just one time,
take a break to understand, and then follow the story of this fabulous series. Watch first 3 episode together because the first three is related to each other episode then I recommended that take break try to understand then after watch next episode.

If we believe in some media reports, it is suggested that the second season of this anthology series is going to launch next year. Fans are very excited to watch the second season of this series and have been waiting for its next season with high anticipation.

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