Modern Warfare season 5 updates and technical details

Modern Warfare season 5 reloaded update got released on all major platforms. The August 24 patch is out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, weighing between 10 to 17 GB  depending upon the platform one chooses.  This season is more modest in file size than other seasons. The next call of duty game is called “Black Ops Cold War.”

Technical Details About Call Of Duty Update

  • PlayStation 4: 10.6GB
  • Xbox One: 14.09GB
  • PC: 11.3GB (F2P) / 17.6GB (Premium) – The players have to pay for the main multiplayer experience. Rest content available for free.

A new playlist has also been added in this season 5.

Modern Warfare New Mode – Ground War, Ground War Reinforce (32 players), Blueprint Gunfight, Shoot the Ship, and Face-Off Verdansk Stadium (2v2).

Warzone New Mode – BR Solos, BR Duos, BR Trios, BR Quads, Plunder, and Quads King Slayer Trios.

Problem Fixed In Season 5 Modern Warefare

  •  The parachute would open randomly while dropping over certain parts of the warzone maps.
  • Riot Shield could appear sideways in the preview screen.
  • Riot Shield could appear crooked in the squad walk
  • Flaming Throwing Knives would not reset Dead Silence
  • The scoreboard could reflect inaccurate information when going from a multiplayer match to a Warzone match
  • Unblock  player issue
  • World Eater calling card which was animated
  • Partially watching the kill-cam and then skipping it.
  • Tomogunchi Turbo watch function as intended

Now the player can spawn APC, even while they are in combat. The only condition is that vehicle isn’t low on health. The weapon spat graph has been updated and that reflects the balance changes made to the games. A new weapon is also added FiNN LMG.

During infill sequences, the weapon can be inspected.  Tracker footprints could be seen on the ground after respawning, even perk equipped is not there. A new warzone mode king called Slayer and a new operator called Morte is added in the series. There is also a new game of summer event where players are given a chance to represent their country in a single-player mission. They can also earn rewards.





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