Arena Kings: Season 9 On February 2, 2022

Arena Kings: Season 9 On February 2, 2022’s traditional weekly event for streamers Arena Kings gives its comeback. The ninth season starts on February 2 at 9 a.m. PST/18:00 CET. Season 9 caught everyone’s attention and promised to be an exciting one. A $40,000 prize fund and a new eight-player knockout format have been announced.

In the previous season, GM Hikaru Nakamura once more proved. To win his throne during the finals, Nakamura had to fend off IM Renato Terry, GM Jose Martinez, and GM Raunak Sadhwani. This event will have ten regular and two Chess960 arenas spanning 12 weeks.

The event is open for all members. This is an opportunity to play against popular Chess streamers like the Chessbrahs, GM Daniel Naroditsky, WFM Anna Cramling, and more are regular Arena Kings participants.

Like in previous seasons, there will be Chess960 arenas during specific weeks of this season.Knockout events follow arena King’s weekly arenas. A Championship Qualifier and Championship Final happen in the last week of season 9.

Prize Fund:

The prize fund for Arena Kings Season 9 is $40,000.

Weekly Arena Prize Fund: $600

U1400 $100
U1600 $100
U1800 $100
U2000 $100
U2200 $100
Streamer prize $100


Weekly Knockout Prize Fund: $1,650


1st $500
2nd $350
3rd-4th $200
5th-8th $100

Arena Kings Championship Qualifier: $600


U1400 $100
U1600 $100
U1800 $100
U2000 $100
U2200 $100
Streamer prize $100

 Champion Fund: $12,400

1st $3,500
2nd $2,000
3rd-4th $1,250
5th-8th $600
9th-16th $250

If you’re eligible for more than one prize in the event (e.g., 10th place and U1800), you will receive only the higher prize. The following eligible participant receives an under-prize.

The Schedule

Regular arenas Wednesdays at 9 a.m. PST/18:00 CET February 2-April 20
Chess960 arenas Wednesdays at 9 a.m. PST/18:00 CET March 2 and March 30
Knockout events               Ten minutes after each weekly arena
Arena Kings Championship Qualifier At 9 a.m. PST/18:00 CET April 27
Championship Final                     Ten minutes after the qualifier

Streaming and Identification Requirements

Arena Kings Season 9 is open to all members. Participants must meet all the requirements to participate and be eligible for prizes.

Arena Kings Championship Qualifiers

The Arena Kings Championship Qualifier is a point-based system. You will have to collect points during the entire season and have at least 10 points to play in the qualifier round.



The results will be published in a separate article on the Arena Kings Season 9.

How To Participate in the Event:

Note: You will have to join at least one hour before the event.

Stay tuned to on February 2 at 9 a.m PST/18:00 CET. You can also enjoy the show with expert commentary on




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