This is the story of a young boy, Ajit Chakravarty, a 22-year-old from Kolkata. He is presently a millionaire in the city owning two luxurious Mansions and a Rolls Royce Car.

 Initially, Ajit belongs to a middle-class family. His father has a small grocery store in the city. His mother is a housewife, and his younger sister is still studying. The family income was good but Ajit’s dreams were very high. He aimed to do some unique business rather than studying. 

Let’s see how Dealer777 changed Ajit’s destiny tremendously. Ajit tells us his story.

“I am Ajit Chakravarty, a resident of Kolkata. My father owns a grocery store. Since childhood, I was not very much interested in studies. Rather, I want to become a businessman. I wanted to do something unique and change the lifestyle of my family. We were a happy family though, but my dreams were different, and I want to achieve them. 

 My father fulfilled all our wishes. He purchased a laptop for me when I demanded it. My sister was also happy. But I always feel something missing in our family. My aims were higher, and it won’t allow me to sit quietly.

It was my sister’s birthday that day, and my parents planned a birthday dinner for her. We went to a nice restaurant for dinner. Everyone was happy. We ordered food and were waiting for the food to come to our table. There were some guys in the hotel, next to our table, and discussing something about the online gaming platform. I stretched my ears to their conversation. They were discussing the investment of the money they received last night through the online gaming platform. The amount was Rs.400, 000. So, in curiosity, I shifted a little bit and stared at their laptop screens. I saw some online gaming platforms, some graphs, and some figures displayed on the screens. Meanwhile, the waiter arrived at our table and served us delicious food. I saw that the guys after their dinner gave Rs. 500 as a tip to the waiter.

While enjoying my sister’s birthday, I forgot about the gaming platform. Then we returned home and suddenly I recalled the discussions. I immediately took out my laptop and started searching for the online gaming website. There were many such websites, but I remembered the image I have seen on the laptop screen. 

Suddenly I found the ‘Dealer777’ website, and it was the same one I saw on the guy’s laptop screen. I searched every minute detail of the website. How to play online games? What are the risks involved? Is it any scam or a fraud website? But I found nothing. Then I decided to open a demo account. Immediately I received some virtual cash to start. I played some online games by following the mentioned rules, and to my wonder, I won an amount!

I then decided to open a real account on Dealer777 and deposited the earned amount in the account. Then I played a few games of my interest, and I slept that night.

In the morning when I woke up, I checked my account and I was surprised to see that Rs. 40,000 was deposited in my account. I screamed with joy and shared the news with my parents. They were also shocked and surprised to see such a huge amount in the account. 

Later, my father told me to explain everything about ‘Dealer777’. I told him, “Dealer77 is an online gaming platform which is 100% safe and secure to play online games and win huge prices in very less time. You can earn more amounts in very less time. There are 50+sports and 4000+ casino games to try your luck. The online gaming platform also provides a bonus, exciting offers, and instant cashback schemes to their customers. Well, in case of any issue or problems, you can directly call the customer support system, and they will resolve your issue within seconds.” 

He was satisfied and happy to hear everything. I immediately handed over the cash to my father, and he paid all the debts. I was happy to see the happiness on my parent’s faces. 

After 4-5 months, we booked a lavish Mansion in Kolkata, and later after a couple of months; I booked a Rolls Royce for us. My parents are proud of me, and I also have achieved my dream of doing something unique.”

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