Here is all about Hunters Season 2

Hunter is an American thriller that was created by renowned creator David Weil. The previous season of this series was released on 21 st February 2020, and it has got very massive popularity and love from fans. Overseeing the success of the first season the director has decided to launch the second season of this show. The first season is made up of ten episodes.

As per the media reports, Amazon Studios is all set to launch the second season. David Weil, the creator, and writer of the show was inspired by his grandmother to make Hunters. His grandmother was a Holocaust survivor.

Hunters are based on the stories of world war two and Nazi horrors. David revealed in one of his statements that these stories told by his grandmother had a heavy impact on him as those were about greater good v/s terrifying evil and had themes of hope, courage, and survival.

As we have seen in the first season that there is a tough fight between Sergeant Rick Hunter and his colleague Dee Dee McCall who embark on fighting against the underworld with cunning and bullets. 

The Wolf became Meyer Offerman. Hunter Season 1 concludes with a cliffhanger twist, which opens up lots of possibilities and suspense for season 2.

 Cast for Hunters season 2

 In previous season we have seen 

  • Ruth Teitelbaum
  • Millie Malone:
  • Mindy Markowitz
  •  Murray Markowitz
  • Travis Leich

And many other casts also. Though it is expected that in the upcoming season Al Pacino will play the role of Mayor Offerman, Millie Morris will be seen as Jessica Hinton. Besides that, Logan Lerman will also be part of the upcoming season.

Plot for hunter season 2

Since the first season of this American thriller has ended, fans have been eagerly waiting for season 2. Fans are hoping to see more activity in the second season. And we are eager to see the story unfurl. Yet, we don’t have an official trailer for season 2.




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