Is Overwatch season 2 is coming ?

Since it announced  Overwatch 2 at Blizzcon last year, Blizzard has stuck to its guns and kept pretty quiet about the sequel. It’s probably time we can expect season 2 to pop up recently. Although, there are several factors that might go on into determining the overwatch2 release date. One of them is the overwatch league.

Overwatch League is a professional esports league for the video game Overwatch, produced by Blizzard entertainment. With numerous new heroes, fresh map types, teams are expected to need plenty of time to learn the intricacies of those characters and stages and form strategies. Things are very much up in the air right now for the 2021 overwatch league format, given the multiple chain effects in which Covid-19 disrupted the current season.

Blizzard has not bought out any new season since the original version of Overwatch in 2016 and keeping the fans anticipating in line is probably not a good idea. In fact, if Overwatch 2 isn’t released for this holiday time, it might be delayed further to 2021. However, the recent issue of financial statements stated that its revenue has been up from the last quarter on account of lockdown which urges people to stay at home and play games. So, Blizard not coming up this holiday season might not a business loss for the, at all. Game director Jeff Kaplan assured last week he is very happy and contented with work progress amid a work-from-home scenario.

Overwatch updates have been in short supply lately as the team focuses on the sequel. The latest hero, Echo, was added in April. She’s the first new character since sigma joined the line-up last august. The party line from Blizzard on her release was that she’d probably be the last new hero until Overwatch 2 arrives.

Blizzard will release Overwatch 2 late this year. There were also playable demos of the sequel at Blizzcon last year but was still in the early years of development.

It is probably safe to assume that 2021 will come up with another season of Overwatch again!

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