When is Caliphate season 2 returning?

Caliphate is a Swedish series authored by Wihelm Bergman and Niklas Rockstorm. Though it was first released on Television in January 2020, its popularity and fanbase resulted in its acquisition by Netflix. An eight-part drama that deals with the complex radicalization process of ISIS recruitment and has been nominated for the Nordisk Film and Tv Fond prize.

The cast of Caliphate season 2 will include Gizem Erdogan as Pervin, Amed Bozan as Husam, and  Aliette Opheim as Fatima. Other members may include Albin Grenholm as Calle, Nora Rios as Sulle, and Amanda Sohrabi as Kerima. If the show returns for the next season, the following cast members are likely to be seen again.

As the name suggests ‘Caliphate -the reign of Muslim leader’ has been successful in signifying the power of the organization to control and manipulate. The lives of five women have been invariably caught up to achieve the supreme rule as propagated by the organization. Terrorism and its recruitment are topics that call for skepticism and doubt. However, the director has manipulated the stereotypical view and has tried to blend some human touch, compassion which makes the audiences think and reciprocate.

It opens up with Pervin and other women being dragged into the square. A man is brought to the table and then another man chopping down the former’s lower arm. A thriller building up to the terrorist attack in Sweden, which turns in part on Pervin and traveler, a student assistant in Sweden, who recruits a team with backup from IS in Syria including 15-year old Sulle and friend Kerima.

Married To a IS member Hasum, Pervin gets winds of the attack and is being instructed by the Swedish intelligence unit to find a safe yet secured passage out of Syria. As she desperately endangers her life, she falls prey to Ibbe’s scheme.

The pain, hurt, agony behind their embody fundamentalism. It reflected the real story of what goes on behind the scene and under the roof of Terrorism. Season 2 is therefore very much expected by the fans. It might highlight more of the radicalization process and maybe the world can come to know the realities of the underground world. Season 2 will just a continuation of season 1.

The world needs a season 2 of Caliphate because it needs to know the Truth !



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