Circus of books ” Cast,Plot And all Information “

Circus of the book was a famous book store and gay phonology shop in West Hollywood, California, which was established in 1960 as a “book cover”. This documentary film is created by Rachel Manson. In April 2020, the film will be streamed by Netflix. 

The story of this season revolves around the couple named Karen and Barry Mason, who goes to a bookstore and takes over an adult book store in 1976. And the most interesting part of this story is that later store becomes the biggest distributor of gay porn in the United States. Since the season was released, it has gained lots of love from the fans. 

The owners’ daughter Rachel Mason who is an artist, musician, and filmmaker told about the easy accessibility of gay pornography and cruising apps like Grindr replaced the need for a spot like Circus of Books. 

Cast for the circus of books.

Circus of books cast include

  • Karen Mason
  • Barry Mason. 
  • Micah Mason.
  • Jeff Stryker

and many other casts we have also seen in the season.

Plot for the circus of books 

As we know that this show was most loved by fans and got a rating of  7 out of 10. Apart from that, it is a  2020 Dorian Awards nominees movie for Best LGBTQ Documentary of the Year. As we have seen that the store cultivated by owners Karen and Barry Mason, with three children who went to religious school and unaware of their parent’s business While maintaining the secret, they witnessed the dawn of the HIV/AIDS epidemic firsthand, losing a generation of treasured employees. 


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