Portal 3ं: Will it release ?

Portal is a puzzle platform game that was released in 2007. It was claimed as one of the most original games of 2007. It’s was one of the most popular games to which many teenagers were addicted. The game had two seasons, which was a massive hit and made the players go crazy. Season two was ended with a good note, and the fans are wanting to have season three.

The Portal was designed by Kim Swift and developed by Valve. It was released on multiple platforms like Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Linus, and also in Android. It can be played by a single player. It is the ox cart for the PC version of the portal displaying a figure falling into a portal.

Portal consists of a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the player’s character and simple objects. It is done by ” the aperture science handheld portal device.” Equipment that can create inter-spatial portals between two planes. The players are challenged and taunted by artificial intelligence to solve each puzzle using a portal gun with the promise of getting cake when all the puzzles are solved. The game’s extraordinary feature allows kinetic energy to be retained through portals. This is based on a similar concept from the game Narbacular Drop.

Portal got criticism for its short duration and limited story. But received positive comments for its originality, unique gameplay, and dark story with a humorous series of dialogues.

Almost every game that the valve makes is a big hit. Postal 3 is on the too on the list of most needed games. Portal 2 got made because some valve employees felt leftover the first time around. Unfortunately, most of the people who made the portal are no longer working at the valve. The producer left Valve in 2009. Portal 2’s animators and designers retired in 2016, along with the project leader. Especially so many of the people who gave a signature voices left, and it likely wouldn’t be the same. Fans want more portal, but they want it perfect in all the aspects with no voids.

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