When will Bodyguard Season 2 come out? All you need to know

 After two years of bodyguard season 1 success, a political thriller television series which was directed by Jeb Mercurio. 

There is no doubt on the entrance of season 2 on bodyguard drama, as the creator Jeb Mercurio confirmed the new sequel on twitter and chatted about the start of season 2.

Since 2 years of the first season of bodyguard released 26th August and ended in September in 2018 on BBC, there has been no indication on the making of season 2 from the BBC network until the writers confirmed it on

The next sequel of bodyguard hasn’t officially been declared but as the source on twitter says that Jeb Mercurio will make bodyguard season 2 happen to the audience.

He stated on twitter as “what’s really holding up development of bodyguard season 2 is the quest for any dramatically sympathetic reason not to kill off the cabinet minister in the first five minutes

So, the arrival of season 2 is confirmed but, when it is going to screen on the network is not announced yet on their side.

The bodyguard season 1 earned BBC’s best-reviewed rating drama and also received numerous honours for its outstanding writing, direction, outstanding drama, best crime plot in international events and best national television drama.

The bodyguard season 1 left the viewers in a cliffhanger, as David attacks on the home secretary but his enquiries went in vain and also in deep danger, no one is ready to believe him while he strives to prove his side but the evidence made it even riskier.

Another incredibly successful police drama ‘line of duty’ of Jeb Mercurio halted filming this month due to the lockdown.

As the makers are working on the story of ”line of duty” due to the pandemic and will later start their shooting for bodyguard season 2 in upcoming months.

The season 2 will be covered in a lot of twists and turns, as you have seen at the end of bodyguard season 1.

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