The Ghost of Tsushima 2: Release Date and What to Expect

Gamers are expecting a second departure of the game ‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ as it attained enormous success in the market, will sucker punch production make a new sequel to Ghost Of Tsushima?

The game Ghost Of Tsushima got second highest lifetime sales for Playstation4 first-party game in japan.

During this pandemic, the game made a great impact on the sales in the market of Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4.

The Ghost Of Tsushima was an action-adventure game which was created by sucker punch production and publicized by Sony interactive entertainment.

The game was actually planned to release on 26 June this year but due to the pandemic, it was delayed and established on 17th July 2020.

The game was directed without guidance, you have to play the game as a third-person viewpoint.

The plot follows as Jin Sakai is the last heir to protect his family from the Mongols invaders and his uncle Lord Shimura, who was captured in the hands of Mongols.

At first, Jin Sakai tried to rescue his uncle but failed and was knocked from a bridge where Yuna treated him, as he learned moves to fight against Mongols invaders.

As the mission to save Lord Shimura from Mongols succeeded and the local people on the island named Jin Sakai as the ghost after defeating Mongols.

On the other hand, Khatun killed Taka as punishment, Jin’s brotherly person when Jin refused to surrender.

Jin fed poison on mongol’s food but failed and at last Jin assassinated Khatun on his flagship.

In the end, Jin had to decide whether to spare his uncle’s life or his life as a warrior’s death,

But he decided to live on the run as most wanted man THE GHOST OF TSUSHIMA.

People can expect season 2 on the game of Ghost Of Tsushima because we don’t know what happened to Jin Sakai after the escape.

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