Black Panther 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and What to Expect

Since the loss of the great gem, franchise star Chadwick Boseman at the age of 43 after four years of fighting against cancer, there are many fans who are waiting for the sequel by honoring the legend. Considering the recent tragedy, most probably the sequel is hard to start its work at this time.

The main lead which was performed by Chadwick Boseman had made the entire world shook with his acting and earned tons of hearts of numerous fans all over the world. 

The Black Panther plot follows as king T’challa, acted by Chadwick Boseman who protects his kingdom, Wakanda after his father’s death in an unusual manner. The film became more popular among athletes and celebrities all around the world regarding the dialogue “Wakanda forever”.

There has been no news regarding the Marvel movie Black Panther sequel. The movie black panther has earned three Academy Awards and got nominated for the best picture at Oscar 2018. The black panther 2 film is intended to be released on May 6th of 2022 on Disney Hotstar, but unfortunately without the presence of the legend. 

The Black Panther film was a huge cultural milestone for the Africans. In this period, Black Panther is even more suitable as Black Americans disproportionately suffer from COVID-19 as well as in the hands of cops. The sequel is directed by Ryan Coogler. The personality T’Challa was most admired by audiences over other superheroes’ characteristics including Avengers.

But the most heartbreaking thing is the fans can’t replace anyone in the spot of black panther except Chadwick. Namor, who is the most crucial character who hasn’t been in a live-action Marvel movie yet, was finally used as the main villain of Black Panther 2.

The bitter reality is there can be another Black Panther but there can never ever be another T’Challa. But still, fans didn’t want to lose their hopes and requested the maker of the Black Panther movie to at least rebuild the legend with the actor Michael B. Jordan.

But some sources say that Kevin Feige will be recasting T’Challa king 

Wakanda forever, Chadwick Boseman forever!

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