Castlevania season 4 is coming soon !

Castlevania is an animated web series. It was inspired by a popular ‘video game’ series invented by the ‘Japanese’ and it is named as ‘Konami’. It is a western animation and uses a mime Esque animation style of programming. It is a collection of dark fantasy, horror fiction, and adventure.

Tale of Castlevania up to season 3:

The story is based on a ‘vampire hunter’ who fights to save a besieged city from another worldly beast who is controlled by ‘Dracula himself’. It’s a fight between a dangerous army and him. The concept is derived from a classic video game. The last surviving member of a disgraced Belmont clan, Trevor Belmont is on a “voyage of saving eastern Europe” from the extinction hands of Dracula Tepes. As the regiment of vampires and Dracula are plotting to drain humanities from the globe. Belmont and his compatriots are in a pursuit to find the solution to redeem mankind from the agony agitating Dracula.

Anticipated Tale Castlevania season 4:

The present dreadful circumstance is because of ‘Vlad Dracula’. His decision to collect all the vampires to Wallachia to “showcase his wrath and tenderness”. The crew as not disclosed the TRUE story plot. The viewers are anticipating that in the next season Dracula will the ‘centre point’.   And he will be comprehending his ancestry and if he does he will get his compassion. And there is a probability that there will be a plausible challenge between him and Isaac.

The faculty of Castlevania season 4:

The show is directed by ‘Sam Deats, Adam Deats and spencer wan’. ‘Warren Ellis’ is the program creator of the series. The same cast is returned for the next sequel also. ‘Hector’s’ voice is tinkered by Theo James. ‘Richard Armitage’ is the choice for Belmont’s voice. ‘Alexandra Reynoso’ is the vocalist for Sypha Belnades. ‘Jessica Findlay’ is the voice for Lenore. James Callis vocalist is Graham McTavish. 

Release date of castlevania season 4:

The fans were so thrilled as the crew declared openly in their official social media handle that the “cycle is renovated for the fourth sequel”. They have ‘not finalized the final release date’ but the message made his way on the march 27, 2020.

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