Merlin ended 7 years ago: Will a potential spin-off happen soon

Merlin is a British fantasy-adventure drama which is currently available for streaming on Netflix. The show had made its debut on 20 September, 2008 and the final episode was released on 24 December, 2012.

The historical Arthurian legend has continued to inspire a number of shows to date, and this action-packed fantasy drama is a masterpiece. Revisiting the saga of King Arthur and his intelligent wizard Merlin, this family-oriented retelling of the legend of Arthur is absolutely binge-worthy with a total of 65 episodes available for streaming.

Merlin spin-off- Will it happen?

 While Netflix is reportedly discussing a spin-off, which might be a cursed version of this series, nothing concrete has been officially confirmed by the producers or the streaming sites. Merlin starring Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath, was pretty hit on the small screen, and the series creators Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps had excitedly discussed to produce and develop it into a big-screen adventure, but to the much disappointment of the fans, it never happened.

Guy Ritchie’s 2017 movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, starring Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur, further diminished the chances of the movie spin-off of Merlin.

Merlin: Where are the cast members now?

 In the lead cast of Merlin tv series, we had-

Colin Morgan as Merlin

Richard Wilson as Gaius

Bradley James as Arthur Pendragon

Anthony Head as Uther Pendragon

Katie McGrath as Morgana

Angel Coulby as Guinevere Pendragon

John Hurt as Kilgharrah

Colin Morgan was the lead star in the sci-fi series Humans (2015-2018), while Bradley James had secured a role for himself in the historical drama Medici (2016-2019) alongside Richard Madden.

What happens in the finale of Merlin?


The BBC show, The Adventures of Merlin, had an unconventional ending. Though it did not deviate from the original legend, this is clearly not what the viewers had in mind.

Arthur becomes the King as he was supposed to, but the prophecy of his impending doom brings Merlin into action as he tries to change it, but everything he does it backfires. Between the duel with Morgana, the evil sorceress, and her forces, Merlin is not quick enough to save the blow with his magic, and unfortunately, Arthur is wounded. Merlin takes him to a safe place and eventually reveals his identity that he is a magician, a sorcerer. Arthur feels betrayed, and he is cross with Merlin, but as he recalls the adventures he had with Merlin by his side as a true friend and guide, he softens and accepts his identity. This heart-wrenching scene ends with Arthur thanking Merlin, and soon he dies. It was the way in which Arthur’s death was portrayed, which made the fans have a cross stance with the ending.

Yet, Merlin is an exceptional show which deals with a number of themes and is an exquisite watch for a lazy day. Stream it now!

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