Top Boy Season 4- Renewed or Cancelled? Here’s What You Need To Know

Top Boy is a British tv crime drama series that was originally released on Channel 4. While it had made its debut on 31st October, 2011 on Channel 4, to the much surprise and excitement of the fans, the third season was dropped on Netflix on 13th September 2019, with a total of 10 episodes. Netflix had announced the revival of the series in 2017 and had presented it as the first season of Top Boy. The series was renamed as Top Boy: Summerhouse.

Top Boy is created by Ronan Bennett, and he has scripted the series as well. The fictional setup of the series brings us to the Summerhouse estate in the London Borough of Hackney. An underground drug business thrives in the courtyards of this particular estate. This business is handled by Dushane and Sully.

The series might be inspired by real-life events, but it is an entirely fictional account. The series is quite well acclaimed and has an IMDB rating of 8.4/10.

Well, we have good news for you. Netflix’s Top Boy is coming for the fourth season, and this has been confirmed officially. All you need to know about the fourth season is included in this article. Keep reading to know more.


Top Boy Season 4: Cast


•Sully will be played by Kane Robinson.

•Jaq will be played by Jasmine Jobson.

•Jamie will be played by Michael Ward.

•Lizzie will be played by Lisa Dwan.

•Aaron will be played by Hope Ikpou Jnr.

•Stefan will be played by Araloyin Oshunremi.

•Ats will be played by Keiyon Cook.

•Gem will be played by Giacomo Mancini.


Top Boy Season 4: Release Date


It is expected that the fourth season of Top Boy will be available for streaming in 2021. The show will be titled Top Boy: Summerhouse and the plot will follow the events of the previous season, dropped on Netflix in September 2019.

We do not have a trailer available for streaming yet. We will let you know as soon as it is dropped.


Top Boy Season 4: Plot


The duo of Dushane and Sully will be back on their business, and they will rule the Summerhouse once again. It is likely that they will team up with Jamie, their former foe, as he is quite experienced in running this drug business. Little is known about how the plot will develop further.

Stay tuned with East of Seattle for further updates on Top Boy: Summerhouse.

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