Intelligence season 2 is coming !

Intelligence season 2 has been on speculation whether the season will be launched or not. Well, the answer is no. There won’t be season 2 for this series. Intelligence is a technology series with characteristics and visionary technology.


Intelligence is an action-adventure science fiction drama. It has one season and 13 episodes. Josh Holloway, who played the role of Gabriel Vaughn, is a high-tech intelligence operative. His brain has a chip implanted, which allows him to keep the tab into the worldwide data grid and connect with it. This is a fresh and exciting plotline.

Cast of Intelligence

Josh Holloway as Gabriel Vaughn, an ex-Delta Force operator with a chip implanted that gives him access to the Global Information Grid. Marg Helgenberger as Lillian Strand, who is the Director of the U.S. Cyber Command. Meghan Ory, as Riley Neal, a U.S. Cyber Command Special, and an ex-Secret Service agent appointed to protect Gabriel from dangers. Michael Rady as Special Agent Chris Jameson, U.S. Cyber Command Special. John Billingsley as Shenendoah Cassidy, he is the neuroscientist who created the microchip that was implanted in Gabriel’s brain. P. J. Byrne as Nelson Cassidy, son of Shenendoah Cassidy. He is one of the scientists that are working on the Clockwork Project.

Tomas Arana as Adam Weatherly, he is the Director of National Intelligence.

Lance Reddick as Jeffrey Tetazoo, he is Director of Central Intelligence.

Peter Coyote, as Leland Strand, is Lillian Strand’s father.

Zuleikha Robinson as Amelia Hayes, he is Gabriel’s wife and a former CIA field administrator.

Faye Kingslee as Mei Chen, a Chinese national who also has a stolen chip implanted in her brain similar to the one in Vaughn. Although her chip is far better and advanced, allowing her to do things Gabriel cannot, such as enter his mind.

Intelligence Season 2 Canceled

While some of us were waiting for another season, unfortunately, its 2nd season got canceled. The Intelligence fan base anticipated and prayed that Intelligence would provide an upgrade in an attempt to fulfill at the 10 pm timeslot. However, it didn’t happen. Despite the special effects, the cast, and the star ability, the series could not achieve a larger audience to keep the series going for another season.

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