World War Z 2: what we know about it

Mireille Enos, the 44-year-old actress, has recently disclosed that she still wants to make World War Z 2. The first movie released in the year 2013 was a box office hit for Paramount Pictures. World War Z 2 is one of the most anticipated action horror films whose fans have been waiting for the past seven years. The notable success of World War Z is the reason for the making of World War Z 2. People were gripped by the storyline and the special effects of the real like zombies.

Mireille Enos who had played the role of Karin Lane said that they are very close to making a sequel, World War Z 2 at times. She was the wife of Brad Pitt’s character Gerry Lane in World War Z.

Mireille Enos said that “It seems to have a little curse hanging over it. We were all lined up to go. We had (David) Fincher, we had a beautiful script, and then it just didn’t happen”.

The shooting for World War Z 2 has faced lots of trouble in the past as well as the present. The production was earlier shifted to the year 2018. Last year it was revealed that the movie is budding after a great deal of photography and pre-production was done in five countries.

Also, the outbreak of Covid-19 has poorly affected the entertainment industry and almost brought it to a standstill. Most of the movie and TV programs have been either suspended or postponed. Hence, we can not really anticipate any major growth for World War Z 2 in the upcoming days.


World War Z observes actor Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, who was a former United Nations employee. He suddenly finds himself in a race against time as he investigates a threatening virus that turns humans into zombies. Karin, who is Gerry’s wife, must take care of the couple’s two daughters while Gerry rummages the planet in search of answers.

World War Z franchise doesn’t have an official release date for its sequel World War Z 2.

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