Sacred games: will there Be season 3?

Sacred Games is one of the most-watched and the first web series in India on online streaming giant Netflix with its remarkable season 1 and 2 release, so will there be another season in Sacred game? What is so exotic about the sacred games season 3? Who are playing the key characters? When it is going to take place?

What is so great about the previous seasons?

After the great establishment of the Sacred games season 1 and 2 which enclosed the entire audience with its storyline and acting. The thriller series is based on Vikram Chandra’s novel 2006. 

The first season of Sacred games tells about the story of Sartaj singh[ saif Ali Khan ]  aiming to uncover the truth behind the great gangster[ Nawazuddin siddiqui]  gaitonde’s past, where Singh discovers unexpected aspects. 

Part 1 is directed by Motwane and Anurag Kashyap, which was broadcasted on 5th July 2018 on Netflix. The first season attained many optimistic critics from the audience and also earned another installment in the series.


Why does the second part give disappointments to the fans?

The second part didn’t go on well as predicted because, in the end, the plot brought the audience in a cliffhanger with the low-key storyline, there is a scene where a lady has 5 tries for drawing a pattern to halt the bomb, as she drew willy-nilly and said ‘incorrect’ which, made the entire plot into the disappointing reaction, we still don’t know what happened after that as the season ended in the suspense.

So without any doubt, we can say that sacred games season 3 will be arriving.

Till now, there is no official news on the release of sacred games season 3, but fans made an assumption that the release of each season made in one year gap, so maybe the third season will screen in 2021 or early.

As the second season made a dissatisfaction to the audience as well to the cast where saif Ali khan said in an interview about the sacred games 2  ”The first season was outstanding. It was like some of the best things we ever had. It’s got nominated for an Emmy. It’s a proper show. The second season was a bit of a letdown”

One of the casts started his work on season 3, Pankaj Tripathi revealed that “I have finished my share of work. I have had a packed schedule. So, I have completed my responsibilities and moved on because I have long outdoor schedules”, so it’s good news for fans who are in suspicion of the release of sacred games season 3.


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