Dark Tourist Season 2- Renewed or Cancelled? All You Need To Know

Dark Tourist premiering on Netflix is a travel documentary that was dropped in 2018. The documentary has received mixed responses from the audience as it explores the tourist’s adventure to ill-advised destination profiles, and the experience is nothing but bizarre.

Written by David Farrier, this television documentary had made its debut on the 20th of. July 2018. Farrier, a journalist from New Zealand, visits places that have a historical conundrum of adversities linked with death and tragedy. From embedding himself into a cult in Mexico that worships death to witnessing the tourists soaking up the radiation in Fukushima, visiting the New Orleans Vampires race, and swimming and fishing in the lakes formed by atomic bombing, David Farrier’s travelogue seem macabre.

The first season with its unprecedented and unique content was critically acclaimed, and it has an IMDB rating of 7.5/10. It has been almost two years since the show was first released on Netflix, and fans are wondering if it will be renewed for a second season. Here’s what we know.

Will we have a second season of Dark Tourist?

 New Zealand filmmaker David Farrier had redefined the meaning of tourism in his show Dark Tourist. While the first season was well-received, it is highly unlikely the show will be renewed for a second season.

However, David Farrier had put forward his hopes for making a second season in 2018 if his show makes it well amongst the audience. The ongoing pandemic might have also delayed the production of the series if it was happening at all. But, no updates are available at present if this is happening as Farrier has not made any comments about it. If it is renewed, we can expect Farrier to come back as the presenter of the show, Dark Tourist.

List of dark places visited in Season One of Dark Tourist.


1) David Farrier tours to Medellín to investigate the legacy of Pablo Escobar.

2)David Farrier visits Tomioka, which was evacuated during the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and Farrier discovers a high level of radiation here.

3) Farrier visits New Orleans to spend time with real-life vampires.

4) David learns about the Soviet Union’s nuclear weaponry and space programs in Kazakhstan.

5) In Europe, he participates in a mock war and visits macabre museums, which is quite controversial since it pays homage to the Nazi leaders. It also hosts a Nazi-era lampshade made from human skin.

Dark Tourist is one show of its kind. Stay tuned with East of Seattle for more such updates.

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