You season 3: Release date, Cast, plot and everything you need to know about it

Sera Gamble’s creation, You, is an American thriller series much loved and applauded by the audience. ”You” is streamed on the Netflix platform. In a recent video call with Penn Badgley, Sera and Penn talked about the insane cliffhanger of Season 2. This will become the main plot in Season 3. As they have already announced, ”You” is finally going to have its 3rd sequel.


Sera had teased the fans a little about ‘the woman’ while talking with Penn. Penn Badgley played the lead character, Joe Goldberg. That ‘woman’ is going to be the next victim of Joe Goldberg, or maybe not, that is the mystery. It is not revealed yet, what her role is going to be in Season 3. But it has already indicated that Joe left LA for the ‘woman’, with his pregnant girlfriend.

Release Date of ”You” season 3

It is hinted that season 3 of You will be released soon. However, the date is not verified yet. It is speculated that the 3rd season will release sometime in 2021. With the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, most of the production of television series and movies were put to a standstill. Like all the other seasons of You, the 3rd sequel will have only 10 episodes.


Penn Badgley played the lead character of ‘Joseph’ popularly known as Joe Goldberg. He is the handsome and charming psychopath killer. He will go to any length for the girl he loves, going as far as killing for her and sometimes ends up killing her.

Victoria Pedretti played the character of Love Quinn, who is Joe’s third girlfriend. He meets her at his workplace. Like his previous girlfriends, Joe becomes obsessed with her.

James Ortega played the character of Ellie Alves, who is Delilah’s younger sister.

Ambyr Childers played the character of Candace Stone, Joe’s first girlfriend. He had tried to kill her and thought he succeeded until she makes her entrance in Season 2.

Carmela Zumbado played the character of Delilah Alves.

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