A sneak peek into Pirates of the Caribbean season 6

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 has been in the talk for quite some time now. It first became public in 2017 when the producers said that they had made a draft for the movie. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise launched its first movie in 2003. It was named Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It starred actor Johnny Depp who played the lead character, Captain Jack Sparrow. Since then, the movie has garnered a huge fan base and had 5 sequels.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Releasing Date

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will be directed by Ronning while Jerry Bruckheimer will be producing the 6th sequel. The producer Jerry Bruckheimer has said that a plan for The Pirates of the Caribbean is in progress. Yet, the movie’s probability remains shaky. Bruckheimer had announced in a meeting that the draft has not appeared in Disney Production yet. It is likely that we have to wait for a while before the movie is premiered.

The producers are neither confirming nor disregarding about the making of the 6th sequel. It seems that the appearance of the movie will most probably be in the year 2021, only if it gets developed.

The cast of Pirates of the Caribbean 6

Regarding the cast of the 6th sequel, there have been several speculations. The most wondered question is whether actor Johnny Depp will be in this movie or not. According to 2018 reports, Johnny Depp was discharged by Disney form this movie franchise. The fans were quite unhappy to hear that there favourite Jack Sparrow won’t star in the movie. They even went as far as to start a campaign to bring Depp back to the franchise. They felt Pirates of the Caribbean would never be the same without Depp. Although, these are all rumours and nothing has been confirmed yet. We will have to wait until we get more details on it.

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