Will there be season 2 of When They See Us?

When they see us is one of the unusual Netflix series, it is a ‘crime thriller’ story that is created by ‘Ava DuVernay’, and based on a “true event.” This amazing series contains four interesting parts. The makers released the first season 31 May 2019. The lead actors got so much fame for this one. And was also awarded as the “Best Lead Actor.”

This series dares you to rethink your thoughts. What real-life is all about versus what people imagine? This season is all about five teens. It’s getting more interesting when the teens get trapped for a falsely accused brutal attack in central park in their nightmare.

Want a Synopsize of the movie?

The story starts in 1989 when ‘five young’ people are charged wrongly for assaulting and raping a jogger in the central park. The five were fighting to show their innocence while spending years in jail. They are questioning about the incident and the line ended in the city of New York in 2014.

Meet the cast of when They See Us:

The tremendous positions of The Central Park Five are played by the followed ones.

Raymond Santana, the teen and thirties version, is played by ‘Rodriguez and Freddy Miyares.’ Kevin Richardson versions are played by ‘Asante Blackk and Justin Cunningham.’ ‘Caleel Harris and Jovan Adepo’ played the role of Antron McCray. Yusef Salaam is portrayed by ‘Ethan Herisse and Chris Chalk.’ ‘Jarrell Jerome’ played as Korey Wise. Raymond Santana Sr is played by ‘John Leguizamo.’ ‘Anunjanue Ellis’ played as Sharon Salaam. Bobby McCray is played by ‘Michael Kenneth William.’ 

Where have u seen Michael before?

“Michael Kenneth played Omar Little on The Wire movie and Freddy knight as in The Night Of.”

Will there be a season 2 on The Five Central park? 

This show was a ‘mini-series,’ but it has a huge hit on the Netflix platform. Getting season is a big question mark. The first season with four episodes, practically trimmed all the areas in the show. So plainly getting season 2 for “The Five Central Park is a Big No.”


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