Is season 2 for Pennyworth cancelled?

Pennyworth is an American drama that is a mixture of action and crime. There are many movies and series based on DC Comics, and this series is one of them. The story was created by ‘Bob Kane’ and ‘Bill Finger.’ It was first premiered on July 28, 2019, on Epix. This series has one season, and it contains 10 episodes. After Pennyworth season 1, fans are looking forward to its next season, But, no official announcements have been made yet regarding its release.  If we believe in some news reports, Pennyworth season 2 will be released in the mid or late 2021.

What is Pennyworth about?

The story of Pennyworth revolves around Alfred Pennywort, who is the former British SAD soldier, special forces soldier, and lives in London. He forms a security company and goes to work with a billionaire’s father, Thomas, in 1960s London. The concept is about how he came to work for Bruce Wayne’s father. Pennyworth, during the silver age, fought in world war two and has a history before he became a butler to the Waynes.

Get to know the cast of Pennyworth

‘Jack Bannon’ was the one who played the role of the soldier Alfred pennyworth. ‘Paloma Faith’ played as Bet Sykes. Thomas Wayne’s role was played by ‘Ben Aldridge. ‘ ‘Emma Partz’ played as Martha Kane. ‘Polly Walker ‘ played as Peggy skyes. ‘Jason Flemyng’ played as Lord James. ‘Hainsley Lloyd Bennett’ was portrayed as Deon Bashford. ‘Dorothy Atkinson’ played the role of Mary Pennyworth. ‘Richard Clothier’ played the role of the prime minister. And the Queen role was played by ‘Jessica Ellerby.’ ‘Simon Day’ played as Sid Onslow. And ‘Saikat Ahamed’ as Mr.Chadley.

 Will there be a second season for pennyworth?

The maker officially confirmed that Yes, there will be a sequel for pennyworth on October 30, 2019. The shooting for the second season was started in early 2020. Season two will also contain ten episodes, just like season one. And the makers were planning to release its second season in the late 2020s. But due to the corona pandemic, the makers have rescheduled the shooting and we can expect the sequel in the mid or late 2021.


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