Will there be the sequel for Joker? A small sneak peek into it

Joker is one of the well-known movies which has a worldwide fanbase base. The lead got a massive hike and was appreciated for his acting. The lead also got an award as the Best Actor in a Leading Role from the Academy Awards. It was directed by ‘Todd Phillips. ‘ It is an American psychological thriller film which has received immense popularity from audiences, and after the release of Joker, fans are expecting for its sequel. But, it is a big question among the fans that the Joker sequel will be released or not? We have news regarding this; please have a look at it to know more about it.

Cast of Joker

‘Joaquin Phoenix ‘ played the lead role as the Joker. ‘Robert De Niro’ played as Murray Franklin. ‘Zazie Beetz’ played as Sophie Dumond. ‘Frances Conroy’ played as penny fleck. ‘Brett Cullen’ as Thomas Wayne. ‘Shea Whingham’ was portrayed as The detective Burke. ‘ Marc Maron’ as Ted Marco. ‘Douglas Hodge’ played as Alfred. ‘Josh Pais’ played as Hoyt Vaughn. ‘Bill camp ‘ played as the detective Garrity. ‘Bryan fallen played as Javier. ‘Murphy Guyer’ played as Barry O’Donnell.


During the 1980s, a failed stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck who was all alone in a world of millions of people seeks the connections he walks across the street of the city Gotham. He is driven crazy and chooses a life of crime and chaos in the city while becoming an infamous psychopathic crime figure to the world.

The Joker has two masks to hide his individuality. One for his day job as a clown and the attitude he projects in a fruitless endeavour to withstand like he is also a facet of the world around him. As he was bullied, isolated, and disregarded by the people around him, the Joker slowly veers insane, and he took the mutation as an immoral mastermind.

Is JOKER 2 coming?

“We don’t have a plan for the sequel,” said the author of the movie. But Yes, there is a sequel to the movie.

Expected plot

It is mostly tough to guess the plot. In the end scene, the doctor who examined him was probably killed by the Joker, and he had a complete transition of becoming the Joker from Arthur. It is an independent movie of the cinematic world, and it will be one the perspective of the Joker.

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