Will there be season 6 of ”Person Of Interest”? Know more about this drama!

Person Of Interest drama is a combo of Adventure, drama, science fiction, mystery, action, and police procedural. The drama is directed by ‘Chris Fisher. ‘ It has a total of 5seasons with 103 episodes. This drama got an award for the Outstanding Supporting Actress in Drama Series from The NAACP Image Award. This sho was aired from September 22, 2011, to June 21, 2016. As the first five seasons of this amazing series have received immense popularity and love from fans and the critics, it is expecting that Person Of Interest will be coming back with its season 6. But, there is no official information available regarding its upcoming season.


The story is about an ‘Ex-CIA agent and a Billionaire.’ The billionaire is a computer programmer. The agent and the mysterious billionaire helps to prevent violent crime before it actually occurs. They do this with the help of an ‘All-Seeing machine’ that predicts the crime violent event before they happen. The machine also predicts the perpetrators and victims of a dangerous incident.

The final season of Person of interest had only 13 episodes. The story was recapped lasting plotlines. In the last episodes, they unraveled the confrontation between the primary adversary Samaritan and the central characters, which was the machines Villainous peer since the third season. Finally, Samaritan was overthrown and one of the leads renounced himself to redeem the other one.

The makers made a twist in the last minutes” Brought back the device with that entity knocked as a person who could come next in Resse’s footsteps.”

Will, there be season 6 of Person Of Interest?

Person of Interest got a reasonable mark when it was publicized and was a hit for CBS. But as the season thrived the rating perished from season 4. The sums the makers got was not justified form them to take the following season. The channel suspended the show as they got no gain from it as correlated to the other leading shows. So there will be no season 6 of the person of interest.

Expected plot

The last episode was a bit too much in a single episode. So they would have made season 6 then the episode wouldn’t have been so compressed. The battle between the leads much has gone a bit longer then they showed and there would have been a further storyline in season 6.


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