Mirzapur Season 2 release date, plot and so much more.

Mirzapur Season 2 has finally been announced with a new teaser. Season 2 was supposed to release this year. It will premiere on 25 November 2020. This comes after Mirzapur season 1 was released in 2018, and fans had presumed that the next season would launch in 2019. However, that was not the case. The fan base has been continually demanding for its 2nd season in the series. Amazon recently announced that the series second sequel would get released later this year.


Mirzapur was first launched in 2018 on the Amazon Prime Video platform. Since then, it has garnered a huge fan base that religiously keeps asking for the second season without fail. Mirzapur is the most-watched and loved series in India.

Since the makers of Mirzapur took a two-year gap before announcing the second season of the series, they wanted to bring out the right feeling towards the new season and get their fans all excited. They started a 4-day digital campaign and released a new short teaser. That drove the audience into the right track.

The first season had nine seasons, so the second series is likely to follow the same. Mirzapur is a crime action drama web series produced by Excel Entertainment.

The plot of Mirzapur season 2

The show revolves around guns, drugs, murders, infidelity, crime, and the rule of mafia dons in Mirzapur. It shows how two brothers wanting to make something out of their life ends up trapped in this violent world. The first season ended with Bablu bhaiya’s death. Bablu bhaiya was Guddu bhaiya’s brother. Guddu’s pregnant wife Sweety also ended up dying in the hands of Munna, Kaleen bhaiya’s son. The in-depth details are not available yet. But one thing for sure, Guddu bhaiya is back with a bang. He will go to any length to destroy Kaleen Bhaiya, even at the cost of destroying Mirzapur.


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