Sherlock Holmes Season 5: Cast, Plot and everything you need to know about it

According to the reports, no official statement has been made regarding the release of Sherlock Holmes season 5. The Sherlock Holmes series started in the year 2010 and had over four seasons. Each season has 3 episodes each. It has a total of 13 episodes.

Release date of Sherlock Holmes Season 5

The producers of the series have not released any information yet, regarding the 5th season. But we can most probably get to see the 5th sequel in 2022 or 2023. The reports say that the producers are all prepared for the 5th season. There is still a lot that needs to be taken into account for the production and plotline of the series. Nonetheless, the audience is ready to wait for the sequel. The show has garnered a huge fan base over a decade and the anticipating for the dispute to be solved between Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. The producers are trying to find a solution to solve the issues and start production. It seems like it will take a while for things to cool down between them and for us to get season 5.


Sherlock Holmes is a British crime television series. It is streamed in the popular Netflix platform. The series is based on the stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. One episode runs for 85-90 minutes. There is officially no released news as to the plot of its 5th sequel. But one can expect it to resume from the end of the 4th season. The last season ended with quite a cliffhanger as we saw Eurus Holmes running towards her brother Sherlock. As far as we know, Sherlock does not recall having a sister.


There will be new faces to be seen in the fifth season of Sherlock Holmes. Benedict Cumberbatch will regain his character as Sherlock Holmes, a primary school teacher. Martin Freeman played the character of John H. Watson.

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